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Chino California Air Show April 29, 2016, part 2

May 1, 2016 in Aviation

10 additional images. Click to enlarge

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5 responses to Chino California Air Show April 29, 2016, part 2

  1. Nice pics….(wish I HAD a Superbird).

  2. One thing about the F-16 is that it is a thing of beauty that will always look like true hot rod fighter. A true American classic in the same league as the Mustang and the Phantom!!

  3. Great photos, What powers the Mustang in the hanger?

  4. Craig, the Cavalier Mustang revisited? I know there was an attempt to upgrade the P-51 as a COIN aircraft, featuring a turboprop engine. “Enforcer”? It came and went quickly, as I recall. I think they only built one of them, and I always wondered what happened to it. This might be another aircraft entirely.

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