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AMT A-20 for a Guest of the Club

February 2, 2014 · in Aviation · · 10 · 1.3K

As part of being a club member from IPMS Ocala is getting to meet some very interesting people. This person is F.L(Tony) Svore who was an Pilot with The Roaring 20's 312th Bomb Group 386th Bomb squadron in the Pacific. I first met him at The Gainsville IPMS club Meeting. He was their to give a talk about his experiences flying the A-20 in combat.

He also talked about his flying of a very rare airplane the B-32 Dominator.

He was a Captain at the time and his Unit was transferred to start flying the B-32 in combat he was made the Unit Commander he was checked out in the B-32 with 2 take off's and landings

and deemed Qualified. He led the first 10 missions as commander and flew others while doing his duty's as commander of the unit until the war ended.

At the Gainseville club Artist Ray Waddey presented a Painting of the airplane he flew the film from the Japanese surrender to Washington .

About a month later F.L. Svore came to the Ocala club where I was able to present him with a model of the A-20 he had flown the model was made using pictures of him in his aircraft. He was very pleased with the airplane as he had flown this type of aircraft for quit a few hours in combat.

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  1. Mark,
    It is always nice to meet these gentlemen and an honor to have him speak at your club. Also to know he was associated with the B-32. Good job on the A-20 and I am sure he appreciated it.

  2. Very neat build and presentation on this, Mark.

  3. Mark, your contributions to our guest speakers, and our club, in general, have always been generous. Thanks. This A-20 was no exception. It looks good here, and looked even better in person. Well done !

  4. Nice Mark, always a great experience to build something for a veteran who flew them, great story! Very nice job too. The A20 sure looks like a nice ship.

  5. Nice job on the A-20-have the same waiting in line-and great story. A B-32

  6. Well done Mark, not only on the A-20 but the kindness and respect to our veteran who flew that plane. We read so much on those who flew the other well known fighters and bombers, but an actual Havoc pilot and who flew a B-32, you know not many knew that the Dominator even flew combat missions at the end of WWII. Nice story thanks for sharing.

  7. what a fine tribute to a hero

  8. Thanks every one foe the nice comments.

  9. Nice clean build and a nice presentation.

  10. Mark, I have always known you are a master craftsman and a generous heart. This is proof of both!.

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