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Westland Mk 31B Wessex, N7-218, HS 816 Sqn RAN HMAS Albatross Nowra NSW 1989.

July 31, 2016 in Aviation

1/72 Revell, my first Wessex, I modified, replaced and added a few things, finished in Revell and MM enamels with Future over Aussie decals.

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17 responses to Westland Mk 31B Wessex, N7-218, HS 816 Sqn RAN HMAS Albatross Nowra NSW 1989.

  1. Beautiful work in any scale, Allan….and extraordinary craftsmanship accomplished with THIS build.

  2. Nothing more to say than Craig already did.
    Just the photos could be a bit better with two simple steps on “photoshop” (or an other photo-treatment).

  3. p.s. I don’t how to add an example – or send it in a PM

  4. I had a trip in a Wessex while I was in the RAF in the late sixties, they were having a trial of dropping Land Rovers on Salisbury Plain to see what height they could survive a drop from! Great looking model, Allan, that Navy scheme is really neat.

  5. Nice job Allan. You seem to have mastered the chopper class for sure. Not sure I’m up to the task of building these finicky models.

  6. Hello Allan,
    Excellent build and finish on this old RAN workhorse.
    These choppers did have a beautiful paint scheme

  7. Nice! What did you use for the rigging? It looks good for scale, and at 72 that can be difficult.

  8. Great job, good looking scheme, I still love your tarmac.

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