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Live from Telford: Trumpeter naval kits

November 12, 2016 in Show Reports

Trumpeter have been showing their new-tool 1/200 scale kit of the battlecruiser HMS Hood. It looked like an amazingly big, stunningly detailed kit of a truly beautiful ship. I must say that the presentaiton model has left a lasting impression.

Another naval kit on display was the 1/48 scale DKM U-Boat Type VIIC, U-552. Also a haw-dropping model with full interior and the the optional starboard hull moulded in transparent plastic to enable viewing of all the goodies inside.

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4 responses to Live from Telford: Trumpeter naval kits

  1. A 1/48th scale U-Boat….? Must be huge. Looks good, too.

  2. The sub sells for £329.00 from one trader here. Still, a real stunner.

  3. The Hood could be something for me but roughly 1,40 metres…..

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