Trumpeter 1/48th MiG-23ML, Iraqi AF Gulf War 1991 (32 posts)

  • After adding some weights into the nose cone I then install it. Next the rear stabs are aligned and placed into their locating pins on the rear fuselage. After a little more seam work time to install the windshield and temporarily place the canopy in place. Then mask it off. Next to apply Interior Blue/Green over the framing. Meanwhile I airbrush Dark Grey on the nose cone, the dialectric panels on the tail and lower rear fin. Then mask those areas off. Next is to preshade the airframe. Next time we start airbrushing the scheme. thanks for viewing.

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  • Wow didn’t realize that it has been a month since the last update. Time does fly. This is the painting session. As usual we start with the bottom color of Russian Light blue grey for the under surfaces. After that shade has been airbrushed. We let it set for a bit before flipping her over and start the topside tri-color scheme. Next up Russian topside Tan. First edging the demarcation line areas where it meets the underside blue/grey. And then filling in the areas that will be painted in this color. Next up Dark Green. Again using the freehand technique no masking other than the hard edges of the flying surfaces under the fuselage. Feathering the soft edges where it meets the other colors. Slight overspray which I will go back over once the scheme is applied. The 3rd color is Russian Dark Earth (more of a reddish brown). Once the scheme is applied, I will go over the Light Blue Grey demarcation line to make it uniform across the bottom as the 3 different upper colors tend to bleed into the lower color, so lightly clean that up across the bottom of the airframe. Then go over the tri-color scheme demask. And let it sit over night before apply the clear gloss for the numerous decals that will be applied on this Flogger. More to follow.

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