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Hasegawa 1/32 F4B-4

Here are a few snaps of my latest completion, the old, but very good, kit painted as the 4th section leader of VF-6's aircraft.

I worked on this model on-and-off (mostly off) over the past 3 years and 9 months, and in that time it survived a flood, a window blind falling on it and smashing it on to the concrete floor, and of course, my modeling skills.

I added a few details to the cockpit, added the unique aerial mast on the vertical stabilizer and used some archer rivets to replace detail lost to sanding on the bottom.

I used Yellow Wings decals for the fuselage codes, Felix and the aircraft number. Although they are a little too big, I used the upper wing national insignia as well. I did not use the Yellow Wings decals for the fuselage band as it lacked the white borders, nor the wing chevron as this unit had a smaller chevron that sat back from the wing leading edge, and the decal was also missing the white borders.

5 additional images. Click to enlarge.

5 responses

  1. Outstanding F4B-4 Doug. Well done.

  2. Survived your modeling skills - ha !

    Beautiful result despite the opposition - I really like the finish, smooth and crisp.

  3. Doug, I'll agree with the others, fabulous workmanship. And great photo! Thanks for sharing /M.

  4. Doug . WHAT/WHERE air show did you take these photos? The close up shots look sooo real .. AWESOME detail ... a TRUE modelers" WELL DONE" build .. shows what a LOT of patience does ...

  5. Beautifully built and photographed.

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