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Piper PA-22 Tri-Pacer - Vintage

I have been following my project to restore or even to build vintage models which bring back good memories, so now I went to this 1957 original Monogram kit, the civilian beauty Piper PA-22 Tri-Pacer . I took my first flight in a [...]

1/32nd scale Short Sunderland Mk IIID Models vacform complete!

Evening all, I took advantage of my time away from the classroom last week and finally finished this two-and-a-bit year project: Tigger Models' (the old ID Models' vac kit) of the Short Sunderland in 1/32nd scale. This has been a really [...]

1/32 GWH Curtiss Hawk 81 “Flying Tigers”

Here is my 1/32 GWH Curtiss Hawk 81 with the markings of Flying Tigers AVG from 1st Pursuit. Built by OOB except for the Eduard seat belts, Barracudacast main wheels and Cutting Edge national insignias Paints are Gunze acrylics. Happy [...]

Mustang IV. 19 Sqn. RAF. Late 1944.

Being a birthday present, this kit just had to be made carefully & not rushed. Well that certainly was the case here, as it's been on the bench for over twelve months, while I did extensive research. I was put off by the need to do a [...]

Two-winged throwback-ICM 1/32 Fiat CR-42

Reluctant to give up the high manueverability of the fighter biplane, the powers that be in the Regia Aeronautica accepted this design in 1939, despite the writing on the wall that monoplanes were the new wave. The British Gloster [...]

Beware of Bigfoot

I finally completed the diorama for the 'Bigfoot' wheel excavator I posted not too long ago. This is basically a display for any similar 1/32 or even better, 1/50 scale construction model. The base itself is an old binding circular hard [...]

Atlas 'Big Foot' 1/32 scale die-cast Excavator Weathering

This excavator was given to me as payment for weathering the farm die-cast models I posted not too long ago. I kept the weathering at a minimum on this 1/32 scale die-cast model. This will later go on a diorama specially built for it, [...]

LG-1 MK II 105mm Towed Field Howitzer Royal Canadian Army. 2 FOOT, BUILT FROM SCRATCH

This is a 2 foot version of the LG-1 105mm Howitzer. Built from mainly pine, all from pictures. this one is my newest model. In some pictures the model is not fully painted.

Trumpeter 1/32 P-40B

Hi everyone! This is my presentation of the Trumpeter 1/32 P-40B, finished as a Hawaiian bird. The model was a contribution to Louis Gardner's and the small team of great friends' idea to build subjects relative to the so important [...]

Volvo BM 2654 Die-cast Weathering Project

Yes. Another weathering project done for Christian Lillebror Schölin. The scale is 1/32 with beautiful details. Been getting s lot of projects of late and it seems to be growing. 🙂