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How to emphasize detail with pin washes

November 20, 2012 · in Armor · 2 · 1K

Washes, an important part of the weathering process were arguably brought to the mainstream by wargamers. Here is a 7-minute video from Wargamers Consortium to show you how to make and apply panel line and detail pin washes.

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  1. Thanks, real good and informative video.

    Only question I have is that I usually use the Model Master Laquer based gloss/matt coats. I know these are very hard on most other paints etc, so what would be your recommendation? Put a coat of future in between?

  2. Thomas,
    I learned to avoid washes that may dissolve the underlying paint coat. For this reason, I most frequently paint my models in acrylics (tamiya, gunze) followed by wash of Xtracolor thinned with mineral spirits - I find this combination fool-proof. Another choice would be MiG pigments + mineral spiirits.

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