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1/32 Spitfire 24

Since the Spitfire XIV was such a success, here come some more 1/32 Griffon Spitfires.

First up, the Revell Spitfire 24. Out of the box, this kit lacks all sorts of things: accurate cowling, accurate prop, acurate canopy, accurate radiators. The recent release, however, has excellent decals (there is also a very good Xtradecal sheet for it).

Soooo… what you see here is the Greymatter Figures update: new resin spinner and prop, new cowling, new radiators, new canopy. This is definitely a project for the former Bondo Industries Difficult Kits Division, it has a lot of putty on it as you can see from the construction shots.

Kit decals for 80 Squadron at Hong Kong, 1951-53.

The end result is worth the effort, but there’s a lot of effort required.

15 additional images. Click to enlarge.

3 responses

  1. That Revell kit would be an old Matchbox, wouldn’t it? Impressive work.

  2. It is the old Matchbox kit.

  3. Outstanding work to make the old Matchbox kit look that good. Great finish to the paint job as well!
    (I used to have the Matchbox kit, way back. It is a dawg! & they let the ‘trench digger’ panel lines loose as well.)

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