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Eduard 1/48 Albatros D.Va

The latest model from the dioramas – Albatros Ernst Udet. For some reason I finished the cockpit, but the pilot is shut everything)). A little more extended the landing gear – Edward gives them too short, and it shows. Color aircraft given as of September 1917, the decal (LO) are made to order.

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11 responses to Eduard 1/48 Albatros D.Va

  1. Really nice work. I’d like to ask where you got the information about lozenge on the wings, because that’s at odds with the research I have seen earlier.

  2. Tom, everything is much easier – I used the lozeng which found)), the model I got without him. A band – blue at the bottom and pink top – I did, based on 3D graphics Miller, though perhaps this is not right.

  3. Regardless of the “accuracy” of the markings, another brilliant piece of modeling, Maxim….kudos to you.

  4. Outstanding wood grain, Maxim- nice and warm with a very convincing grain in scale. May I ask how you extended the landing gear struts? That seems like a really dicey adjustment, but it turned out great.

    • I lengthened the front by about 2.5 mm – piece down to the wire pins pieces of plastic. Sorry, the answer can not insert a photo, I would have shown a photo of any model of the Albatross from Edward, it is clear that the rack is too short.
      At the same time, I want to acknowledge that my albatross looks battened up the side view – as I told one of my colleagues, the model is too big (tall) pylon to skid, it must be reduced by 1-1.5 mm.

  5. Great Albatros! Particularly successful wood surfaces, propeller.

  6. Thank you, guys!
    for Vlad-a good thing, this Google translator))), my daughter and I often laugh when we read transfer ..

  7. Вы, сэр, являются истинным……

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