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Eduard 1:48 Fokker Dr.I

December 8, 2012 · in Aviation · · 12 · 4.9K

My Fokker triplane made some years ago for TMMI. markings of Ltn Eberhard von Stapenhorst of Jasta 11 (four victories).
A/C brought down by ground fire 13 January, 1918 and captured.
all markings painted. Fokker streaking done with mixed artist oils over base of Mr. color "Sail Color"

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  1. The usual fantastic "Fabrocini look."

  2. Not my genre of aviation, but I gotta say - that's a nice job right there.

  3. Wow! A pleasure to look at, this weathering is fantastic. I have to ask - is the fabric pattern painted, and how?

    • Hi Martin, first, nice site, nice work.

      if you are referring to the streaking, yes it is painted. i start with a base of Mr. color sail color. i mixed lamp black and yellow ochre artist oils to make a olive green and brushed it on using a turpentine loaded brush. after letting the paint dry for an hour or so (till the sheen leaves the paint) i start to remove the paint using a clean rag, mindful of the correct angle. i vary the streaking, removing more in some areas, less in others, till i'm happy with the look. after letting the whole lot dry for a day or so (oils take forever to dry!) i did go over the surfaces with a very dry brush of the olive green.

  4. That's a beautiful Tripehund, Roger. Your colors and subtle streaking really suit the scale. Magnificent!

  5. Great work ! I like painting on this Dreidecker ! Just cooooool 🙂



  6. Dayum! Fantastic work there. Really beautiful! My hat's off to you sir, bravo!

  7. Absolutely beautiful looking plane. I love the colors and the variations with in them all. It really makes a stunning presentation.

  8. Great looking-marvelous work.

  9. Roger, I also like the Eduard 1:48 scale Dr.1 kits. I've built two so far, one of Weiss and the other of Steinhauser. I like your version of the Fokker streaky camp. I did mine with oils over a light blue (and, as we know, WWI colors are, to quote the Wingnuts Wings guys, 'contentious at best') and used pastels to get weathering and shadow effects on the wings. I'll post a few photos here soon. Anyway, I always love to see old Fokkers well done. Thanks!

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