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U-96 "Das Boot"

December 14, 2012 · in Ships · · 7 · 8.7K

This is the fourth model I built, and after doing three aircraft, I was in the mood to do a warship. The big Revel scale U-boat kit was fairly new at the time, and I was eager to see what I could do with it. The kit is absolutely fantastic.

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  1. Nice work. Damn nice work.

  2. Bill, what do you mean by "the fourth model I built", the fourth model ever? Hard to believe judged by what's on display, especially the painting/weathering. Great work

    • It was the fourth kit I built since returning to the hobby as an adult. I built models as a kid in the 70's, but stopped when I discovered cars, girls and rock-n-roll. I'm really more of a model buyer than a model builder. I've only built about a dozen so far. I'm hoping to devote more time too it though in 2013.

  3. Very impressive painting and weathering, Bill.

  4. Good to see this one again. I have been watching Bill's work over the years and I'd say he is basically a natural modeler with a fantastic eye for color and detail, coupled with the ability to translate that into reality. I'm looking forward to seeing more. Thanks, Bill!

  5. Thanks for the compliments!

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