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Rare as hens teeth, classic plastic Monogram's Sand Crab is built!!!

July 2, 2022 · in Automotive · · 22 · 1.1K

's Sand Crab was a Tom Daniel design that only saw one release in 1969, after that the molds were modified to make another kit Lil' Van. I had one as a kid, and started searching for one I could afford for about 10 years. Until recently I had only found them in the $250 and up range, and one partially built kit in a moldy box, missing parts for $50. Then Etsy new in the box still wrapped...$60 shipped! I had one! The Facebook crowd was split build it don't build it! Don't take the plastic off! Of course I tore the plastic off the second I got it on my bench and started in! The only part that showed any wear was the chrome roll bar that holds the roof. Alclad Chrome came to the rescue, and even the 50+ year old decals worked! Other than that I polished the "Groovy Green" plastic did minimal other painting and well, just a fun fun build!

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  1. Outstanding,liked it a lot Rob!

  2. Oh so COOL. Neato.

  3. Good decision to build it, Rob @robertandy
    Very nice result.

  4. Man!...does that take me back... Nice...I like it!
    Keep it under wraps?!?!?! NO WAY!...kits are to be built not stored away in a closet for someone else to deal with some day.

  5. That's finer than frog fur.. clean classic build of something that should would be a blast to hoon.

  6. Far out man! All kits want to be built!

  7. Yeah, it screams Seventies. Bell Bottoms, Tie-dyed shirts, floppy hats, flower power and platform shoes. For the older generation, yellow shirts, white belts, brown pants matched with white shoes. Two Martini lunches and little black dresses.
    I've gone to high school reunions and have seen people frozen in time . . . a bad Z movie at best.

  8. Thanks everyone, I do love the vintage kits

  9. Yes - good you built it. Great result!

  10. I never understood the collector thing. I buy kits (no matter how old) with the intention to build them (someday maybe in the next life or ten.)

    Excellent work.

  11. Excellent result, Rob, and, of course, great decision to build it!

  12. The only kits that shouldn´t be built are those considered unbuildable. The rest goes on the bench.

    Always loved the sand buggies but never had one myself. The smoke coloured roof is outstanding. Well done!

  13. Collect-Build-Enjoy. Never understood the lets just Stare at the Box thinking. Way cool build Rob.

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    Walt said on July 3, 2022

    Now that is Really Groovy! @robertandy, and very well done. I have never been much of a car modeler but remember these from my younger days. Fun stuff and really makes a great presentation straight out of the box.

  15. I think you’ve built it the way it was meant to be built, and it definitely was meant to be built.

  16. Great to see these 70's kits - wonderful job Gary!
    Takes me back!

  17. This came out awesome, it is so nice to see these old kits built up so nicely. Great job!

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