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Welsh Models Resin 1/144 scale CP-107 Argus MkI FINISHED!!!

December 6, 2012 · in Aviation · · 7 · 2.5K

I’m gonna call this one done, before I fiddle with it some more and maybe cause a disaster. I was nearly ready to be completed last week, but then AMS set in and I decided I had to add most of the tiny little antennae that are festooned all over this airframe. I added five 1/32” pieces of Evergreen strip around the MAD boom, three slightly bigger pieces on each side of the lower aft fuselage, one on top, two ‘T’ whiskers on each side below the cockpit and two air data probes just behind the observer’s nose. The ‘T’ antennae each required two 1/32”x3/32” pieces to be split in half, glued together into the ’T’, and then have two 3/32” long pieces of ultra-fine smoke coloured invisible thread added for the whiskers. The two long wires are super glued into two #80 holes drilled into the leading edge of the fin, then stretched down to the blade mounts on the upper fuselage and set with super glue. Any sag was dealt with using a smoking match. I mixed the unique grey/green colour by eye and used Polly Scale German Sky Green and IJN Light Grey approximately 70/30, thinned it with Tamiya Acrylic thinner and applied over Tamiya Fine White Surface Primer. Weathering was kept to a minimum and included Tamiya Weathering Powders, and Vallejo Inks. All the markings are the ones included with the kit and I had to replace a CANADA with a home printed one. I have a new rule. Always scan the decal sheet of any new model I acquire. You never know when you will need a replacement.

Enjoy the pictures.

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7 responses

  1. Wow, nice work George...that's a beaut!

  2. Thanks, Craig. Now I wanna do a couple more, a MkII on it's feet and maybe an earlier MkI in the white over bare metal. Only time will tell.

  3. Impressive. I bet it's big even in 1/144.

  4. Must have been a teeny weeny job on these antennae, but seemingly it paid off . Nice choice of a color scheme and display stand. ;Makes me think that I should be getting display cases for my models, too... any ideas where one can order them on the web?

    • Thanks for the compliment. Yeah the teeny weeny bits were starting to make my eyes cross. As for display cases, if you Goggle 'Display Case', you're gonna be swamped with choices. Quite a few of the suppliers also seem to provide a custom build service too. But it will not be cheap. For this model, I'm looking at over $150, plus shipping.

  5. said on May 28, 2013

    George .. it LOOKS a lot bigger than a 1/144 scale .. AWESOME job, with all the SMALL details ... AGAIN, another GREAT build ... my compliments ... you couldn't have done any better ... a TRUE modelers' dream presentation ...

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