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1/72 Eduard Bf-110 C

January 26, 2013 · in Aviation · · 12 · 4.4K

A recently finished model (VERY recently, about 30 minutes ago or so...). This is the new Eduard 1/72 Bf-110 from the C/D-boxing. There are other decal options in the kit that are a lot more attractive than this one but I felt so sorry for it with its huge belly tank that I felt obliged to build it - probably nobody else will πŸ™‚ !

The kit and the build are easily described with only two words: great and enjoyable! I would say that if you want to build "the perfect 1/72 kit" this one would be a contestant for the title as of today! It is well detailed but it still goes together very well, I wouldn't mind doing a night-fighter when it is released.

This is the profi-pack version that contains photo etch (not really necessary) and a set of masks (really necessary!). If you can do without those two (I wouldn't recommend doing without the masks...) there is a weekend-edition coming up for the same price as the Airfix kit!



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  1. ooohhh, Very nice! I like it! Great work

  2. You're a 72nd-scale wizard, Magnus...outstanding work. Bravo.

  3. Ted and Craig! Thanks!

    Magnus (donning pointy hat, painted RLM 70/71...) πŸ™‚

  4. Great model, and I really like the subtle weathering and panel lines!

  5. Ah, there it is! Excellent finish on this one, Magnus. Makes me want to start on mine, but first things first. πŸ™‚
    One suggestion: I think the tires could do with a with a little flattening to show the weight of the aircraft.

  6. Gordon! Thanks!

    Anders! One thing I simply forgot! I'll take out the file tonight! Thanks!


  7. Great to see this kit finished, I must admit it looks brutish, accurate and utterly cool. Even more so because you opted to include the Dackelbauch πŸ™‚

    You finish is exquisite, especially the surface weathering. Top marks!

    Out of curiosity, what was the purpose of the "pipe" running along the rear fuselage?

  8. Thanks Martin!

    That pipe is a cable run. I haven't read up on it but I think there were stuff stowed in the tail cone (rubber dinghy, other survival equipment?) and I think the cable is for deploying these things.

    It supposedly bends away downwards at slightly the wrong place (should be mid-panel, not at the seam between the fuselage sections) but I found this a minor worry and left it alone...



  9. Very nice, it certainly looks a lot better than my airfix 110!

  10. Gregor! Your's has been through a winter, mine hasn't!



  11. I just saw this beauty and I felt the necessity to comment!...What an astounding work have you done with this 110C Magnus!...I have an Eduard 100E in 72, waiting to be build and I'll certainly use this one as a reference.

    thanks for sharing!

    cheers mate

  12. Jorge! Thanks! I hope to see that 110 of your's here. And you've got a fun time before you, it is a fantastic kit!



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