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Slight alteration of January contest rules

January 6, 2013 · in Uncategorized · 546

After some additional analysis from my insightful colleagues, we have decided to make an adjustment to this month's contest formula. The good news it that it is likely to increase your chances to win!

Designing the January contest, we wanted to honor not only the best of the best models on display, but also everyone who contributes to make iModeler a better and more interesting place.

Our intention is to set up an extra monthly prize based on the "talked about" criteria - for an article that other members find engaging. Initially, we talked about awarding a prize to the article which prompts the largest number of comments from other users.

However, closer analysis shows that using solely the number of comments as a winning criterion could in certain cases contradict our intention. Yes, engaging articles tend to attract many comments (and we have statistics on this), but after all, it is their quality that makes the entire dialogue interesting.

Therefore, we have decided to broaden the January contest formula to:

  1. One prize to the "Best in Show" entry, as per our ordinary contest rules.
  2. Changed: One prize to the article which prompts the largest number of comments from other users. One prize to be drawn among the articles that prompt 6 or more comments from other users.
See full contest announcement here

In other words, we are still calling for creating engaging articles that inspire commentary. The good news is that if only your article ranks above the threshold in terms of numbers, you will be eligible for the January prize draw.

In the meantime, nothing should stop you from commenting to others, asking questions, responding to comments, making more friends, inviting other people to join. It also happens to be the best formula for qualifying for the draw 🙂

Apologies for any confusion we may have caused by this change.

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