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Pilatus PC 21, 1/32 Scale Scratch Build, Part 13

A few decals and some of the control surfaces, off to the DRC for 2 weeks, then I will complete the build.

5 additional images. Click to enlarge.

27 responses

  1. Can’t the Congolians do without you for a little longer? And why is your beautiful aircraft resting on a block of cheese?

  2. I'm in awe of your talent(s), sir...jaw-dropping work for sure!

  3. That is totally amazing!

  4. Great build, realizing it was born from sheets of styrene...

  5. It's a lesson to all of us lesser plastic bashers. Looking forward to seeing the canopy and other clear bits in place.

  6. Marc, to paraphrase Mr. Cleaver ... I'm not worthy!

    Block of cheese indeed! Hilarious, David!
    Paul Nash speaks for ALL of us. I look forward to the completion.

  7. That's really looking nice, even sitting on a block of cheese.

  8. Thanks Tom, please let me know if you need some cheese to support the tails of any aircraft you might have that are tail heavy...

    • Make sure it's cheddar. It's a wee bit heavier than most other cheeses. You can use it to weigh down the front. Probably easier to find than lead. And taster! Besides - I didn't actually bring it up in the first place. Paul did and he's a lot closer to the town of Cheddar, England than I am here in Indy or you are in Seattle!
      I almost forgot to ask: Pilatus is a Swiss company, right? They make some fine cheese there, too. But with all those holes, it's lighter than most other frommage'.

      OK - I'll not mention cheese again, I promise, Marc.


  9. Man - tease us with a couple of posts, and then head back out on the road! What a heartbreaker! Travel safe and come back to finish it, so I can stop drooling!

  10. I'm always in awe of you guys who can create models like this at that quality level. Really superb. And yes, "I'm not worthy!" 🙂

  11. Stunning work Marc. Can't help being intrigued by the cheese & biscuit comments & it makes me wonder what you will be putting in the fuel tanks; perhaps a good red wine? Seriously, I am looking forward to the final installments. Master class I think!

  12. Blikemmer...genade never cease to amaze my brother. Brilliant as usual. Exceptional does not even begin to describe your level of artistic excellence. Don't stop Boet. Hurry back we have to see this completed.

  13. Hey there boet, great to see you posting a bit, thanks as always for the inspirational comment.

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