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Eduard Bf 110D-3 ZG-26

February 12, 2013 · in Aviation · · 11 · 8.9K

As I struggle with the second model from the Royal Class '110 kit, I have to look back at the first to keep myself motivated. These buggers are not easy builds. but with perseverance, they can turn out real nice. This on is pretty much OOB (there's a lot in the box!) and I declined some of the more demanding P-E on this build.

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  1. Ooops... not quite OOB... I did cheat on the exhausts- used the Quickboost resin set as the not-hollowed-out individual pipe jobs in the kit are pure masochism. Also used the correct wheels from Aerocast.

  2. Stan, WOW that looks great! You did a bang up job on that kit. It looks great. I really love the Bf-110 and have built three of them, Monogram, Cyber-Hobby and Fujimi. I can't wait to build the Eduard kit, hope it turns out half as good as yours.

    • Thanks Walt. Considering how your Cyber Hobby kit turned out, I'm sure your Ed will look at least as good as mine. Just be sure to stock up on putty, sandpaper and patience before you start. The Ed is very nicely detailed and there are a few parts that fit extremely well BUT, there are a number that fit like c**p. Nose and wing to fuse joints are particularly terrible. Look forward to seeing yours when done!

  3. Forgive my ignorance, but what scale is this kit...? In any event, your workmanship is outstanding. A very nice build.

  4. Same question, but then I'm guessing it's 1/48. Outstanding job. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Sorry guys- a silly omission- It is 1/48. Didn't think to mention it because in my (moderately warped) world, 1/48 is the only scale! 😉
    Thanks for your compliments!

  6. Like Martin, I was assuming 48th scale, but wasn't sure.

  7. Yeah that's a beauty. Delicate airbrush work and even the exhaust stains are perfect. Buit to me the best part is the subtle panel line and rivet shading. Enhances the model to a high level.

  8. Beautiful job Stan. Agreed with Mr Koppos subtle works best and yoyu have raised that to an artform Sir.. Nice work.

  9. Lovely work Stan! My Ed kit is sitting patiently on the shelf, waiting for me to get better before I tackle it!

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