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My name is Stan and I’m a plastiholic.

Risen from the Shelf of Doom……

1/48 Me-262B-1a/U1 Nachtjager. The Italeri boxing which I believe had genes from the Dragon nee TriMaster lines. Molds were definitely the worse for wear and only a two gun nose supplied. Thanks to a bunch of Monogram kits 'n' bits for the 4 [...]

Eduard 1/48 Fw 190D-9 JG 301

Finally beaten into submission. While not as maddeningly difficult as Eduard's Anton series, this one has it's fit issues. Two main complaints are- 1. covers designed for open display do not adapt well to closing up (note the gun cover being t[...]

1/48 Tamiya Jagdpanther

Most recent armor build. Still too clean, I KNOW.... I did try to mud it up a bit using a couple of splatter techniques, but it still lacks the grunge. Ah, well, I think the camo job turned out OK. RB & Master Barrels, Hauler P-E, scratc[...]

Tamiya 1/48 Sd.Kfz 234/2 Puma

OK... my latest attempt at dirtying armor. Used most of the Hauler P-E set... the jerry can straps were really "fun". Also used an RB turned aluminum barrel, Aber "feelers" (? dunno what they're called) and added mirrors punched from chrome m[...]

Eduard 1/48 Bf 108

Finished this (Whoops- forgot to do the exhaust stains! :( ) just before the Emil, but missed taking pics. I really wondered about the "Taifun" logo being present on top of the camouflage, but found a photo (hopefully not re-touched) that back[...]

Bf 109E-4 in my favorite scheme….

.... the venerable Tamiya E4/7 kit with crucial decals supplied by the most helpful and generous Mr. Randy Lutz. Other decals scrounged from various sources. Used an Eduard cockpit set and Quickboost gun barrels. Lazied out on brake lines and bo[...]

Hasegawa 1/48 P-40E Kittyhawk…

Well, good people keep trying to drag me from the dark side to the light..... and I always resist. Except for this time- A good kop (whose favorite A/C is the P-40) dared/cajoled me into doing a Kittyhawk. Credit for inspiration also goes to [...]

Henschel Hs126B-1trop ICM 1/48

Another desert rat. I wouldn't call this kit terrible but it does have it's downsides, worst of which are a somewhat rough surface which lacks a lot of detail, some pretty poor engineering especially where attachment points and smaller parts ar[...]

Oh no!… not another one of those snake Stukas… Hasegawa 1/48 Ju-87R-trop

Finally finished this one- a battle royal. The day I started this Murphy's law became the law of my bench. As usual, Eduard P-E cockpit & masks were employed and decals were from Eagle-Cals. I added a few things here & there- scratche[...]

Evidently never posted one of my favorites….

Tamiya 1/48 (there ist no other scale!) Tiger I initial production DAK. RB barrels, Fruil tracks, Eduard & Hauler P-E. Paint is my mix of MM paints, weathered with Windsor & Newton oil washes (mostly Ivory Black mixed with Raw Umber) [...]