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For those who'd be interested in my work... is the site of a club I belong to.
Go to Galleries and click on my name, Richard Dauglash.
Please browse through the site's galleries and view the other members as well.

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  1. Radpop,

    Welcome onboard. Of course we'd be interested in seeing your work (which is very nice; I especially admired your figure-painting skills), but even more so if your pictures were included in the article. As it is, this post is more or less a bare link to another site, which does not motivate having it among the headlines of iModeler.

    I'd suggest that you add some of your pictures to the article (which would make it to a presentation of your work) or otherwise that we move this post to the Groups area, where it would fit nicely in its current form.

    Please let me know if you need any assistance in these actions.

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