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Hasegawa Macchi C.205 Veltro Luftwaffe 1/48 scale

March 25, 2013 · in Aviation · · 18 · 2.2K

Since I'm showing off my Luftwaffe stuff now, here is a cool one..This is the Macchi C.205 of JG77. This kit was built straight from the box. I was able to acquire the Mike Grant "Smoke Ring" decals to do this one. My airbrush is not able to paint such fine lines. It took me 2 hours to decal the smoke rings on this was a pain in the you know what. But it looks good. the rest of the decals were the kit decals. The stripe on the spinner broke apart so I had to hand paint it. And if you look close you can tell.. My hands just aint that steady anymore.

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  1. Great work on all three you just posted, photos, too.

  2. Thanks Craig, I have a different camera now. Still trying to figure it out...Hopefully I can take some pics of the newer stuff I'm working on. I posted some of my F/A-18F on HS and here on iModeler on the working on group...Its on the shelf now waiting for my new decals to arrive...

  3. Great job Chris,I've never seen one of these before.I don't understand the fascination in this hobby with the Germans,they were the bad guys after all! but this is a great looking aircraft.Don't worry about the spiral on the spinner they were probably hand painted anyway,it's probably more accurate the way you did it.

    • Hi Chris, to address your statement of fascination with the Germans. There are a number of reasons for this and I won't speak to other peoples reasons just mine. First there is a diversity of equipment that quite large, along with some rather uniqueness to some of them. The British and the American managed to field one combat operational jet in the war. The Germans had two fighters and a bomber, with more on the drawing board. Asside from some of the unusual design aspects German A/C had, there was a great variety of paint schemes that offer much more than the standard OD camo of U.S. aircraft. That said it is not suprising that when you see P-47's posted many of them come from the 56th Fighter Group because the variety and wilder color paint schemes they used in that group, also from the 78th with their checkerboard. Those colorful marking and paint schemes are attractive to many including myself. German aircraft colors are all over the board, and the marking are too. Yellow noses, tulips on the nose, red bottoms with white stripes, mottling, hard egde, soft edge, you can build a countless number of the same aircraft and not paint any two the same. That is in part why for me I tend to build more German than American or British. Still I do build others, and am currently working on an OD finished B-25...because of its very colorful nose art.

      I guess though really, please don't confuse fascination with German equipment as admiration for the German cause.

      • I wasn't paying attention and addressed my reply to the wrong person...sorry Chris I was replying to Neil's post.

        • No problem...I do agree the Germans had some cool stuff...Defenatly not a fan of Nazi ideals but they had some really cool sharp looking uniforms too..especially the SS...but again they were some really bad people...

          • Hi Chris,I really don't want to get to heavy but I wonder how Cool and sharp those 6 million innocent people in the SS death camps thought they looked ,they were REALLY bad people.

      • Hi Walt,You made a good point about the diversity of equipment in the German camp during WW11,part of there problem seemed to be there inability to work together for a common cause ,probably for the best really...I guess I'm a bit old fashioned but I find it a bit hard to forgive and forget.

        • Oh I defanatly agree that they were some of the most brutal nastiest people around...My grandparents left Poland for the USA in 1924, But I know I still had family that were defenatly butchered in the death camps..It is a horrible tragedy and a horrible time in history...Hitler and his cronies got what they deserved well actually they deserved worse than they got..

          You make a very valid point...I never looked at it that way..

          • Chris, you seem like a nice guy and I was a bit worried about getting too heavy we are just sticking bits of plastic together right ,I have a couple of Polish friends in the hobby,both better modellers than me as well !.
            No hard feelings I hope.N.

        • Of course no hard feelings at all...Its all good...I think everyone is a better modeler than me...I'm my own worst critic...I build models because I'm in love with aircraft in general...and cars, boats, tanks space, sci-fi...I'm your basic nerd...LOL

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    said on March 26, 2013

    Very nice Chris. Great work on the finish/decals. I love the Italian paint jobs on their WW2 planes, and its hard to replicate in any scale. The old spiral on the spinner is a swine to get right with either decals or hand painting, but i've seen a few period photos which show that the spiral wasn't always perfect, so yours looks good to me. Well done.

  5. My 8 year old daughter saw your Veltro pictures & thinks this is the coolest plane, so I guess you have two fans for the price of one on this post!

  6. Very well done. I have a full shelf of Italian aircraft & have not built the first one. I also have the Mike Grant smoke rings. Any bad experiences putting them on or was it just time consuming?

    • It's time consuming because the decal sheet is one solid piece of film...the rings aren't separate (so you know what THAT means). At least mine was, but I bought a few years back, so maybe he's improved upon it, I don't know. Same goes for the instrument(s) sheet Mike has.

    • Being ALPS printed they are a one solid sheet printing. While others milage may vary, I spent probably 10-12 hours applying the smoke rings on my Hase 1/48 Veltro. A stated in my Veltro post a few days back, the ALPS applied ink is somewhat fragile and easily susceptible to the slightest abrasion, though the carrier film is fine, sturdy stuff which responds very well to Micro Set/Sol.

  7. Beautiful build, and yes, I'm curious about the decals as well.

  8. Not a fan of decals in any event, but those are quite convincing and eye pleasing. Can't be nearly as much agony as the multitude of stencils found on modern jets.

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