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Gloster F.9/37

My father has finished another two models. In this case is related with the Gloster F.9/37, also known as the Gloster G.39,

He did the L8002 and L7999 which represent the Gloster F.9/37 with the different engines.

Here are the photos

Gloster F.9/37 L7999

Gloster F.9/37 L8002

I hope you like them



7 responses

  1. Craftsmanship on the build aside, those are some great photography skills you have there.

  2. The work you two have produced is outstanding but please could you give more information about the kits themselves,ie scale ,which kits they are etc.

  3. WOW! Stunning! Looked at the other planes toor that you've posted...awesome!

  4. When I first saw pictures of the F9/37, I couldn't believe a plane that good-looking never made it into production. Another pair of jaw-dropping magnificent model airplanes. Adios, Larry.

  5. They both look fantastic, and a subject you don't see every day. I really like them.

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