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WWII Gliders - Raul Hrubiskosub collection

Hi I would like to share with your the final photos of our glider collection which includes 81 models. I hope you like it. Since January 2021 my father has been building the single trainer gliders because the rest was done some years [...]

Curtiss Mohawk series – Raúl Hrubisko

Hi, I am quite happy with the result of this new series done. It is a not very common aircraft and I believe that we were able to represent many variants of it As always, we could not make it ourselves but we help from much knowledge [...]

North American P51 Mustang series Raúl Hrubisko

Hello I would like to share with you the final photos of our North American P51 Mustang series. We couldn't make it without the support and help of many people, specially: Colin Ford, David William Muir, Piet Van Schalkwky, Stefaan [...]

North American P-51 Mustang series – Raúl Hrubisko

Hi to all. It has been a long time since I have not posted here. I will try to correct that mistake. During the second half of the year my father and I have been working in one of the largest series of our collection after the Spitfire [...]

Messerschmitt Bf 109 in British markings – Raul Hrubisko

Hi guys, This time I would like to share with you the latest sub collection done by my father. He decided to build a couple of captured Messerschmitt 109 in British markings. After some reaserch and a lot of help from Dave Flemming the [...]

Junker Ju87 in British Markings – Rhaúl Hrubisko

Hi Here is a new series made by my father in this case about the Junker Ju87 Stuka. We have to make a special mention to Dave Fleming who has not only share with us his personal files but also spent a lot of time discussing with my father [...]

Heinkel He 162 in RAF markings – Raúl Hrubisko

Hi, My father has finished the three Heinkel He162 and they look great in our diplay cabinet 1) Heinkel He 162 A-2 W.Nr. 120072 . captured in Leck – RAE July 1945 2) Heinkel He 162 A-2 W.Nr. 120076, . Yellow 4 / JG-1 captured in [...]

Boulton Paul Defiant – sub collection

Hi guys, I would like to show you this series done by my father some months ago. My father used the New Airfix kit and he made the modification for each models. I hope you enjoy the photos. Here is the list of the models included: 1) [...]

Consolidated PB2Y Coronado in RAF markings

Hi guys My father has finished another model in the latest 15 days. I hope you like it. Here are the final photos of the Consolidated PB2Y Coronado JX501. It was used as transport serving with RAF Transport Commandfor trasatlantic flights [...]

Junkers Ju388 in British Markings

My father has finished another model. He has built a Junkers Ju388. This model is part of the group of captured WWII aircrafts with British markings. We have many models to build in the future. Here are all the German aircrafts with [...]