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Italeri 1/35 M4A1 Sherman.

This is the second armor model I built after returning to the hobby. It is also my first Sherman. Was inspired to build this one after reading "Breakout at Normandy". I found a Testor's boxing of the kit for $15.00. A buddy of mine, who is a treadhead and Shermanoholic, donated a Tank Workshop resin turret and a set of bogies from his spares. I used a very old issue photo-etch set and a whole lot of scratch-built details to improve the kit. Sandbags were made from Crayola's "Model Magic" air drying modeling dough.

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  1.'re makin' the rest of us look bad (or worse than usual). Quit it! Will you paint all my figures if I send 'em to ya...? LOL

  2. Hey Craig,

    Thanks for the compliment! The figures in this build were done long before I started using oil paints. They
    were painted using Testor's Model Master enamels and acrylics (sort of). I would use the same color in both enamel and acrylic. I would base coat in enamel. Then I would take the equivalent acrylic color, darken it slightly, thin it to a wash, then apply it liberally over the enamel coat. I let this dry for about 10 minutes then wipe the acrylic off (in a downward motion) with a cosmetic sponge that was slightly moistened with acrylic thinner. This would remove most of the acrylic wash, just leaving enough of it in the recesses. Then I go back to the enamel, using it to drybrush over the highpoints. Not very artistic, but this method does give pretty good results. I now combine this method with the use of artist oils and I really like what I am seeing. Anyway, if you have some figures that you want me to paint, I would be happy to do it. Send me a PM and we can work out the particulars.

  3. Thanks for the offer, Seamus, but ya gotta know I was just kiddin'. LOL 🙂

  4. great dio love the natural pose of the tankers.

  5. you are a fabulous painter

  6. Seamus, I am impressed with this creation. 'm Starting the hobby at this time, just the Sherman. I hope to reach a level of realism that day. Congratulations man!

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