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Sturmgeschütz III and Sturmhaubitze 42 in transit

StuG III G/StuH 42 Military Railroad Diorama, 1/35. Kits used: Takom StuG III G/StuH 42 Early (8009 2in1) Tamiya StuG III G (35310) + Voyager Model photo etched parts. Sabre Model Ommr (1+1 35A03-SVP) flatbeds. Rails (or tracks) made by [...]

Meng 1/35 IDF Achzarit early version

The Achzarit (cruel female) is an IDF conversion of captured T-54/5s chassis to carry and protect troops in fire intense battle conditions. Meng's Achzarit is a well-designed model that captures the ungainly lines of the troop carrier. The [...]

Two Kits for Ron

My neighbor Ron passed away recently. Ron was an interesting fellow - He grew up only a mile or so from where he died in this rural Iowa community, was an engineer in the Air Force (worked on the Hound Dog AGM), collected firearms, read [...]

HIMARS 1/35 scale by Trumpeter

What a pain in the butt this kit was! Trumpeter 1/35 scale HIMARS with a whopping 750 parts! Great molding and detail, typical crappy Trumpeter instructions. Get ready for tons of tiny parts, many that will leave you scratching your [...]

Air battle

The officer shows with hand gestures the details of the air battle in which he took part. That's why the diorama gets its name.

British Valentine Mk. II/IV by Tamiya

Here goes my second post. I have been obsessed recently with World War 2 British equipment. My last post was a Hurricane so I thought it appropriate to represent the ground forces this time. I chose the Valentine because I have been trying [...]

"Aim to the left"

Been very busy with commsion builds of late. So not a lot of time for building for myself. But this little one got my attention. Ak-Interactive jeep, which was a nice build on its own. The figures are older builds which I added for some [...]

Tristar 1/35 Fieseler Fi 156C-3 / Trop Storch

Tristar's Storch is trouble free build of the iconic German STOL aircraft.

War in Ukranine: Bahmut 2022.

On this diorama not an easy job shown military doctors during heavy battles for Bakhmut. Model Unimog from ICM, scale 1/35

Soviet village 1960'

Soviet village in the 1960s. Calm and tranquility... It is with these feelings that I put into my work. Moskvich and toilet for ICM, animals resin, homemade fence made from sticks for stirring coffee.