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Hasegawa A-4M (Cutting Edge conversion)

Here’s the A-4M done with a Meteor Productions/Cutting Edge resin cockpit conversion, which included the area of the fuselage around the cockpit as well as the interior and a clear resin 2-part canopy/windshield. I think it was something like a year later that Hasegawa brought out their own A-4M. Cutting Edge decals to do VMA-214 Blacksheep

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4 responses to Hasegawa A-4M (Cutting Edge conversion)

  1. very nice scooter tom

  2. Tom .. I had to say, going up in a Stearman IS a feeling all it’s own .. I love how it almost takes itself off… I was surprised to see an article, pics, about those GREAT birds !!! I use to take one up at a small grass strip in Jacksonville, NC ..just a few miles from Camp Lejeune MCB … where the old man had several other planes … one of which was the Piper cub .. can still feel the way it bounced going to the end of the “runway, to take off ..!!!

  3. Tom .. a little history on me .. when my Uncle would take his Texan up I had to chance to get in lot of hours … so when I went in to Marines, and later to El Toro I had the chance to get into the “flying-non-coms”, a small group that had enough hours/experience to apply .. I later went to New River MCAS and flew some of the Cessna L-19’s there… it was a feeling out-of-this-world to get airborn, and “cruise along it that !!! Later went aboard the USS Tarawa and flew with VMO-2, I think it was !!!

  4. Tom .. IF you flew as good as you build models .. I think you were one very EXCELLENT pilot .. looking to every detail, before, during flights !!! Would love to “get a hop” someday with you .. think I could learn a LOT !!! Keep up the SUPERB model/s building and sharing them … would love to see all the models you have built, and how you “exhibit” them …they are probably OUTSTANDING … later…

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