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Homemade display stand

May 3, 2013 · in How-to · 8 · 1.6K

I made this display stand from a letter opener (80 cents at a second-hand store) , a Basswood base (79 cents at Pat Catan's), some cut and stick automobile rear view replacement cardboard mirror (Walmart for about $7.00), gloss Black spray paint and Future floor wax (Walmart, once more).

I simply drilled a hole in the back of the base. Inserted the letter opener, and bent it to an approximate shape.

Once I had a good fit, I removed the letter opener, sanded the base, and painted it Black.

After the paint dried, I brush coated the base with Future and cut the mirror to fit,

The mirror is affixed with two sided tape (it comes in the package).

I hope this is something everyone can use.

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  1. Neat idea...I like the mirror part. Time was practically every kit came with a display stand (such as they were) - but now not so much. The high-end Tamiya kits provide one, though.

  2. Personally, I find this great. Not so much the stand (which is great anyway), but the use of unconventional materials/methods to achieve something useful to the modeler. At my IPMS chapter, we have a "Show Us Your Tool" night. This is where a modeler shows any unconventional tools, materials, or methods that he/she uses in the scale modeling hobby. Perhaps we should start a "Show Us Your Tool" group. I bet we would all be amazed at some of the stuff our fellow/brother modelers use.

  3. said on May 4, 2013

    Good work, usin' your noggin for this idea. I agree with Seamus, every one og us have a tool or innovation we've come up with that other modelers could use themselves. I'm new here, and my one of tools is a wood handled disecting (sp?) needle. I'm lost without it!

  4. I can only agree with Seamus' comment, so much so that I have just created a new article category to accomodate this type of tips - "How-to". Let's share more clever techniques!

    Nifty idea with the stand, no doubt more sturdy and good-looking than any plastic kit stand could be. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I think this new article category is a great idea. I look forward to learning others' "tricks of the trade".

  6. Looks nice, great idea.

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