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Geneseo Air Show!

July 29, 2013 · in Aviation · 15 · 1.6K

Wow it has been a long time since I've posted on here, but I do like to poke my head in every so often 🙂

Recently I've been working on a p-61 (which I feel is coming along horrendous).

Also in other news I just picked up tonight a Spitfire and a P-51D with my last paycheck that I'll have for a while because of College.

But back to the air show, on the day of the show it was half off because not all of the planes were there yet and many people called it "press day". But I enjoyed my time and snapped some photos to share! (The last few photos inside of a plane It was a B-25H)

It was rather neat watching the ONLY Avro Lancaster in North America land right before my eyes, I adore that plane but the kit just cost so much now that I'm unemployed.

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  1. Good stuff, Billy...thanks for sharin'...looks as though you may have used either a wide-angle or "fisheye" lens for some of those shots.

  2. those markings are atrocious...the mustang has the post war red stripe in the national insignia with d day invasions stripes...the white navy on the tbf dosen't go with the ww11 insignia...the corsair should have been all blue...tom cleaver is right...these millionaires are i****s

  3. Billy,
    Thanks for sharing the picture-the spitfire interior shot is especially nice for using as a detailing reference. Best of luck in your college experience (work hard/play hard!)

  4. There's nothin' like the real thing 'eh !

  5. If I might make a suggestion that will get better results in the future: never use a lens shorter than 55mm to take airplane pictures on the ground. When you go lower than that, you get this "fisheye" look when you get too close. The crowd may get in the way when you're using the 55mm, but if you just have patience, the "clear moment" will come.

    BTW - where did that Hurricane IIc come from? I know the others, but wasn't aware there was one of those in North America.

  6. Great pics! I like the engine shot also. There's something really neat about seeing vintage airplanes flying off a grass field. Doesn't get much better than that.

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