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Monogram AH-1F Cobra, 4th Squadron, 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment, Desert Storm 1991

April 17, 2015 · in Aviation · · 23 · 3.7K

Hello All! I meant to post this one last year when I posted my USMC , as I built them simultaneously but then time got away from me...

Anyways, this is the Revell of Germany boxing of the old Cobra, built ALMOST OOB, with the only addition being the engine inlet filters from Werner's Wings, and a scratch-built landing light on the skid. Paint and decals represent a bird from N troop, 4/2 ACR during desert storm.

This build went mostly to plan, aside from some stray and excessive liquid cement on the clear bits that I didn't see until after i pulled the masking off...gggrrrrr! Still, this is an awesome, inexpensive and well detailed kit right out of the box, and I highly recommend it to everyone. I would gladly build another myself!



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  1. Greetings :
    Very impressive work, nice weathering.

  2. Lovely model - especially the weathering. Nice place to take a picture too!

  3. Excellent Ramon. Great weathering, and photos!

  4. Nice work Ramon, lovely finish and some excellent pics.
    Well done mate.

  5. I can only echo the others above...nice all-around build & nice photos.

  6. Great finishes, and good all-round photo sequence.

  7. Great job. Love the weathering and finish work.

  8. It looks "prototypical" in the Headline photo! Nice paint job, very realistic.

  9. Really nice, Ramon!

  10. Brilliant presentation !

  11. sweet work brother

  12. thanks guys! you are all too kind! 🙂

  13. Nice Cobra mate!

  14. Great work ramon.. and the photos show lots of work done

  15. Ramon,
    Outstanding. Your expert skills are evident on this model. I love your photography

  16. I love the detail. I served with N Troop 4/2 ACR in the Gulf War. In fact I helped paint that exact aircraft shortly after we arrived in theater. We had to requisition latex house paint and a paint sprayer (both unauthorized btw). I masked the shark mouth on both sides, while a couple other pilots did the logo on the mast shroud. You did a great job capturing the actual paint job. Nice work! If you are interested I can send you a couple of photos I took of that aircraft.



    • Thanks for the kind words Mark! I bet you have some awesome stories from that deployment. I was in R Troop 4/2 ACR from '96 until I got out in '99. I got a tour of Bosnia out of the deal. NATO paid to repaint some of our birds at the end of that deployment, and I was tasked by the troop commander to repaint the unit insignia on the cabin doors when we got back to the states. I think I used Krylon. Not latext and also not authorized! 😀

    • oh and by the way, you painted an awesome face on that Cobra!

    • Mark, please see my post below regarding my RC heli painted in the Sand Shark scheme. Please contact me, thanks.

  17. So glad I found this post while I am building my scale Sand Shark Cobra, although at a slightly larger scale- 1/6. It is a 7 ft long RC model and I hope to fly in this summer. Here's my version with an animated cockpit:

    8 attached images. Click to enlarge.

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