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1/25 '69 Camaro

December 15, 2013 · in Automotive · · 11 · 1.7K

Though I did manage to make this car come out decent, it was a huge pain. As I was working on this car, I had not let the paint cure all the way and I put a clear cote on it. Because of this the paint started to wrinkle and I panicked; I grabbed my can of paint stripper and started to go at it. Little did I know the stripper I was using started to melt the plastic. So the next day I drove an hour to the closest hobby store and picked up a new model so I can have a body to work with. Once I started working on the new body, I had a showroom finish on it as I painted it, then I was inspecting the bottom and it fell off my stand and landed on the floor collecting tons of hair and messing it up once again. So I was asking my dad what I could possibly do for a viable sand paper option, and he suggested going to a body shop. After I got myself some 400 and 1500 grit sandpaper I was able to redo the spots where the hair was.

I think I'm going to name this the hell car. I mean it is red.

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  1. man does that take me back to better days billy...i was 17 and they were all over the neighborhood...fine job

  2. Hey Billy ,we all have disasters in this hobby ,the trick is to learn from them ! ,my tip is to get an old hairdryer and once you apply a coat of paint dry it off straight away, it will be "touch dry" though not cured but this way nothing will stick to it.
    Nice job in the end though.N.

  3. Nice car there Billy.
    Persistance pays off in the end, as Neil said, we all have cock ups in this hobby.
    I should know , I have had my share of them.

  4. You ended up with a nice looking car there, Billy, that colour scheme really suits it.

  5. Glad you stayed with your build. Came out looking good. I look at modeling like golf, doesn't always matter how good your are, you have to be able to make a save when needed.
    Good to see a car posted now & then.

  6. Extra points for perseverence! Your description sounds like one of my horror shows, like the time I set my work bench on fire...Nice build.

  7. never,ever panic...just let it sit until tomorrow. then regroup and have at it again

  8. Looks fine. Good stuff never comes easy. My freind had a '69 in the '70's But metallic blue with those stripes. We would put 2.00 dollars a gas in there and cruise all night, with the radio blaring over the headers. (327). So I went out and got a '67, metallic blue with black stripes, 327, Cragars, 50's in back, 4 speed Muncie Rock Crusher. Those were the days.

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