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Monogram McDonnell-Douglas F-15C Eagle

April 30, 2017 · in Aviation · · 17 · 2.3K

This is another older build, circa early-mid 1990s. It had never had a photograph made until the late February session with my Me-262 at the Cameron airport. It's painted with Humbrol and Model Master enamels and built basically out of the box. I'd have to look through my decals box to say for sure where the markings came from. When I look at the model now, I see so many things I would do differently these days. But back then, I thought it turned out great. As my meager skills progressed, I didn't feel it was even worthy of a photo session. Loading up for my last trip to the airport, I thought, "what the hell!?!" I'd take out the old and see how it looked in a "different" environment. All in all, I think she did okay. The passage of the years hasn't been that unkind once she was photographed in her natural setting.

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  1. Gary, another gem from Monogram, that won't break the bank and looks good, raised lines or not. And no turkey feathers, without an aftermarket set, either.
    It looks really good, in its natural setting. Another good day at the airport.
    Cutting Edge had an Israeli Eagle sheet, with Mig killers on it. Super Scale also.

  2. I like it Gary, I bet you would drill the jet pipes on the missiles if you were building it now though, right ?, hey you still could ,I sometimes do little improvements to stuff I built years ago, it's a nice job all the same.

  3. Thanks guys! Glad to hear those comments. I just checked on those decals; it was the old Microscale Decal set 48-125 "Israeli Air Force F-15 MiG killer, F-4E and A-4M-N". I'm sure I bought them from Kings Hobby in Austin, TX way back when.
    Yeah Neil, I've done the same; sometimes it works out well, other times I just wished I'd left well enough alone 🙂
    Thanks again for the kind words y'all!

  4. Gary your Eagle looks great to me. It especially looks good in it's natural setting with the airport as a back ground. I think it has held up really well. As I look back at some of my older builds I too think about things that I would have done different. It's a part of our progressing skill sets. But I honestly think I would leave this Eagle alone. It looks great just as it is... Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. Excellent work, my friend...this IS a plastic model, isn't it? LOL

  6. A great build! and yes it does look good outside.

  7. Robert, thanks for commenting on my model! I just don't think one can beat the outdoors for photos like this. I just don't have the photo skills to pull off good indoor shots. That's the kind of photography work I really admire. I've seen results that were just incredible; maybe someday...:)

  8. Monogram, always good.
    So also this one. Sharp build and nicely decorated with the Israeli markings. Are these planes still in active duty.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  9. Thanks Dirk! Monogram kits can sure give a lot of bang for the buck. I appreciate your generous comments too. I don't know if they are still in service though. I might suspect they are. Do we have any Israeli members here who could confirm that?

  10. Nice looking Eagle - good, straightforward clean build. Looks great in that setting.

  11. fine looking eagle Gary

  12. Thank ya Bob! Here's to you brother! 🙂

  13. Great pictures, Gary.

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