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And now for something completely different …

December 27, 2013 · in Uncategorized · 12 · 1K

I was given a Nikon Coolpix S9400 for Christmas so am experimenting with some model photos. When my son was younger, he played Warhammer 40,000 and had a squad of Ultramarines as part of a set that he bought. He preferred Tyranids rather than Ultramarines, so I thought I would paint them for fun. To play the game you need at least two squads plus a headquarters squad, so I decided to shell out the cash to get the minimum to play. The first six photos are the Commander with the five member headquarters squad individually. The next three are the HQ squad plus each of the two tactical squads followed by my little army all together. I never got into playing the game, but enjoyed my attempts at painting these figures. They are basically 28 mm figures used in the table top game Warhammer 40,000. They are painted with Games Workshop paints with some decals that are included with the kits. If you are familiar with the game, they are Ultramarines of the Second Company - HQ squad, II squad and IV squad. A little change in topic and an addition for any sci fi enthusiasts out there.

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  1. Hey Alan some cool figures there, and you have taken some nice pics as well.

    • Thanks Simon. Experimenting with the camera and getting better results as I go. Keep changing my article pictures as I get better.

      • Its a great way of testing out your camera, I found that taking pica while you are building can show up mistakes and then you can rectify them before its too late.
        Another tool to help your modelling skills.

  2. Nice paint, bright, yet menacing!
    It's fun to step outside the box! a breath of fresh air sometimes does the body good! Good job

    • Thanks Steven. The detail got fiddly with lots of repainting and then repainting the repainting that left other mistakes. But it was fun and happy with the results.

  3. Different is right! Nice finish effort on the figures, I've seen similar figures at a model show, always wondered what they were for. As I am unfamiliar with Warhammer, are the unpainted figures metal or resin? Do you use a paint guide to decorate them or are they free lance? Viewing so many types of modeler's work gives me an "education" on this great website.

    • Thanks Mike. Warhammer is a world unto its own. There is Warhammer which is fantasy based figures - elves, dwarves, etc. Warhammer 40,000 is future sci fi based with alien races like the Tyrannid that my son likes, and gene engineered humans like the marines. The figures are mostly molded styrene, but there are more specialized figures in metal. There is also a whole aftermarket with resin, styrene, metal. Each chapter of marines has its own identifying armour colour pattern. There are books on each species to use as picture guides and the box art as well. Or you can go nuts and design your own chapter and paint however you want. It was fun. Fiddly, but fun.

  4. Alan,
    I love them and to quote that very famous sage, Willie Wonka, "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men"

  5. darn nice painting

  6. Alan, great job, something completely different is sometimes just what we need!

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