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Roger Roger

This is the old AMT kit that i've had for years. I thought I'd try I figure kit and this came to mind! The fit is so so the detail is ok but overall it was a fun build. The paint is all aycrilic from MM and Tamyia, then I used oil for wash and finished with pin filtering. Flat coat is MM flat aycrilic. Just thought I would treat the whole thing like an armor model and I guess it came out ok. Sorry I have no fancy photo both at home so the messy work bench will have to suffice

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  1. Definitly different Steven, still nice paint job and finish.
    Nice one sir.

  2. Not being a sci fi fan I've no idea who or what he is, but he looks kind of cute! Your workbench looks interesting, too.

  3. I guess the "rivet counters" will have a hard time disputing the 'correct' color(s), huh...? Nice build.

  4. Very cool build mate. Star wars if I'm not mistaken?

  5. Nice clean build, Steven. Always good to see something unusual on this site. Quick tip: to hide the background clutter a pillow case or towel hung or taped with DUCTAPE can hide a mulitude of sins. I use a cardboard sheet as a background to some effect, just a suggestion (I'm no Matthew Brady).

  6. that's cool...i don't mind the bench at all

  7. Steven,
    I love it. Don't ask me why. It is sometimes therapeutic to just do something off the wall. He does look shifty though. You may want move the paint brushes. He looks like he wants to destroy them.

  8. Great job Steven! Big Star Wars fan so appreciate the model subject. Not crazy about Episode I, but this piece of tech was good. Nice job in making a so-so kit look great.

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