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PZL 11c by LTD Models

March 10, 2022 · in Aviation · · 11 · 1.3K

Greetings to all iModeler colleagues/friends. My latest kit is another Models kit - the PZL P.11c in 161 Squadron markings. This plane was on detached service to the Border Protection Corps (Korpus Ochrony Pogranicza - KOP) in 1939. The KOP was an elite service within the Polish Army which served to secure the eastern border with the USSR from 1924 until September 1939.

The kit is a limited run LTD Models kit which I consider to be that company's most successful kit. It was not surpassed until the Mirage Models kit arrived in the early 2000s. The kit lacks the details of the Mirage kit, but is otherwise reasonably accurate and the LTD decals were superb.

Decals were a combination of original kit decals and Techmod No. 48057. Techmod research seems to have concluded that the Turkey symbol was a personal marking on aircraft number 4, and only on the starboard side, in front of the number 4. I acknowledge their work, but I based my model on the Profile Publications No 75 (copyright 1966), which concluded the Turkey emblem was 161 Squadron symbol and was put on No 10 in the summer of 1939, even though no picture of that has survived. Aircraft 10 photo (w/o the Turkey symbol) was featured in that publication - that photo is included here. As a result, my model either represents the real thing, or it represents the publication I have used as a PZL P.11c reference for many years. Caveat emptor, re whether my version is authentic. I just think it looks cool with that squadron symbol.

Next up: Mirage Models excellent PZL P.24 in Greek AF markings.

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  1. Fantastic job on the LTD PZL, Bob!
    Wonderful result Indeed and the turkey looks absolutely cool!
    Looking forward to your Greek P.24!

  2. Amazing PZL, Bob @bobd56az
    A great addition to your already beautiful collection of PZL's.
    Well done.

  3. Great build! It is amazing that modelers build such Polish old lumber called fighter planes. P.11 had lower maxiumum speed than P.37 Łoś! It was completely outdated, yet about 100 enemy planes, including at least two Soviet ones, were shot down and 40 were damaged on these planes.

  4. Thanks, Lis! The Polish Air Force of 1939 went on to distinguish themselves throughout WW2, as you well know. The veterans of the 1939 campaign fought in France, the Battle of Britain, North Africa and France (again). As a Polish American I take pride in these gallant P.11 warriors. The P.11 pilots became great aces in Moranes, Hurricanes, Spitfires and Mustangs. I think it is safe to say their memory will last for a very long time.

  5. Very nice work - the PZLs are addictive (I have 5 myself).

  6. Very nice - and a great lineup of the Polish air force you have there! I have several Polish aircraft in my stash and have yet to build one - may have to remedy that soon, as they are definitely all somewhat unique.

  7. Great work on a rough kit!

  8. Nice job Bob, the PZL P.11c is a great looking aircraft. Love your collection!

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