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1/72 Rescue. "dio"

January 9, 2014 · in Aviation · · 13 · 2K

The two most rescued aviators in model aviation history ! These lucky fellows are just two of the figures that come with every Hu-16 Albatross. Anyone who has built the Hu-16, has these guys laying around somewhere, remember them ?

During the Christmas holidays, I thought I would take a break from modeling...well, not entirely. I wanted to keep my brush wet, at least. The idea came, more or less as a joke, to see what I could make this look like with a little paint, for a "something that floats" club theme. I used all acrylics, including a little "metallic aqua' , and some "pearl". Then there was the challenge of making the raft look like yellow rubber. It's small, and it's simple, but it was enjoyable. One of these days I'll get around to finishing that Abatross too. (thanks for the decals, Frank)

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  1. that kicks the smoking gun

  2. Great one Joe, nice imagination,
    Different as well.

    Well done sir.

  3. Hope to see that at the May contest. Looks good, fun project.

  4. Looks really good! Funny, I built one of those HU-16's around the middle of the last century, but I don't remember those.

    A friend of mine kept his survival gear from his Navy service. It's on display at the War Eagles Museum back home. This diorama reminded me of the exhibit. The clear square item is a kite used to raise the aerial for the survival radio:

  5. Fun project. Like the smoking gun as well. Is that a molded part of the kit or did you make it yourself? Pretty productive for someone who stopped modelling for the holidays!

  6. Thanks Guys, It was fun playing around with some paint, thread, a little sprue, and some cotton. Alan, the gun was sprue, as well as the antenna, and braces. The thread was the "rope" around the raft. A little tape for the flag.. Like I said, just something enjoyable that I could go back to for a few minutes, now and then, during the "rush" of the holidays.

  7. I hope they were rescued and home in time for Christmas! Well thought out little diorama, Joe, and I can see you enjoyed it while getting away from the 'rush' during the holidays.

  8. Joe, great 'lil piece, very creative! I've got a bunch of "downed flyers", I've built probably a dozen of Monogram's HU-16 models over the years in different color schemes. If one has time on their hands its possible to seperate the raft from the "water". With a little putty and some work they make up a nice stand alone life raft. Again, great job.

  9. Joe,
    Great to see someone take the time to Orkney up the raft diorama. Like everyone else I said, I always threw the raft in the parts box and never did nothing with it. I did not realize how good it could be made to look. I really enjoy seeing what you have done with this little forgotton part of the kit. Love it. Your welcome and I await to see the finished SA-16.

  10. Makes me wish I hadn't sold off my albatross kit. A fine looking, well thought out scene. As the Gunny in Full Metal Jacket would say "OUTSTANDING!".
    You flare gunner must have the agility of a Circus Performer to be able to standup in that thing. Once again great job.

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