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1/48 scale monogram-(? ) f-100d thunderbird

RALPH J. MAGLIONE and I grew up together in Portage Lakes, Ohio, which is 7 miles South of Akron, Ohio/U.S.A. I have other written data concerning Ralph's USAF history and I produced a 38.27 minute color/silent 16mm film of the air show at ou[...]

Thank you Robert Royes, aka roofrat!

A late arrival, mostly due to me because I havent been here in a week to check the mail, but I would like to thank Mr. Robert Royes, who sent me this 1/48 scale M4 Sherman and Fw 190 by monogram. This came with a display, so keep an eye out, Rob[...]

Atlantis Turbo prop!

I am so happy Atlantis has started re-popping these old Revell, Monogram an Aurora kits. If you could have found one of these the price would have been prohibitive. For me my wife got me this for Christmas! It is very much like the engines I [...]

1932 Ford Street Rod

I added another car to my model collection and it was built right out-of-the-box. The car was also called a Classic Cruzer by Monogram. The kit had a "T" shirt decal included so I wondered how to use it. After cutting around all the decals to e[...]

1/48 scale Monogram’s AH-64 “APACHE ATTACH CHOPPER”

Sometime in mid 1990 a guy call's me on the phone and say's: "I'll pay you five grand to build me a 1/48 scale Apache Helicopter." I was a bit "flabbergasted-gasted" but I said I will do it. He sent me a package in the mail full of detailed data[...]

End of the decade, add our favorite builds..

I have seen a few "All Decade" sports lists the past few days, so I thought maybe it would be fun to post pictures of our favorite builds of the past 10 years. Sadly some of mine died a grisly death at the hands of movers when I retired from th[...]

Thank you Tom!

Before Chirstmas, I had no idea what would be in store for me. And I'm sorry this went up so late, but family issues got in the way. So, thank you Tom Bebout for this wonderful package of a Blue Angel's F-18 and the Monogram Mosquito! These addi[...]

iModeler goes to the movies, sort of… 1/48 Grumman F9F-5 Panther

This started off as my first choice for the Movie group build and was supposed to be the Brubaker Panther from "The Bridges at Toko Ri" until about several others announced intentions to do the same airplane. Not being a herd animal and despera[...]

“Hemisphere Dancer”

Monogram 1/72 Hu-16C Albatross with Red Pegasus Decals "Hemisphere Dancer" This is the old, basic Monogram kit (minus most the rivets) , with aftermarket decals for Jimmy Buffett's famous "Jamaica Mistake a" aircraft, which is now parked [...]

Monogram’s 1959 Cadillac

My first photo show's my real 1958 Cadillac in 1960 at "La Playa de Tamarindo" in Mexico where I would leave cold Ohio winter's and come often for a vacation with my adopted Mexican family, "El familia de los Guzman's"/The Guzman Family. (just[...]