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Rivet City (Monogram) HU-16B

One to add to my archive. I made this one some years ago. Festooned with rivets, I did my best to get a good fit between parts so I could avoid sanding them away. Tamiya spray can silver and Testors paints finished the job.

Grumman SA-16A Albatross 1/72

I have always made some effort to build Brazilian theme models, so I have several items in my collection. They usually are hard to build due most of the kits have some differences in comparison to the real thing operated in Brazil, so [...]

Monogram F-86 Sabre

This kit was in a shrink wrapped box with a $2.99 price sticker on it. The box was dated 1976. The kit was in great condition, the old decals looked perfect. I also had a new set of Warbird Decal’s F-86 common stencils & markings [...]

Monogram RF-101B Voodoo

"Black Magic" is the name I gave her way back when she was first built. It has now been about 20 years since I came up with a "what if" plan for the Monogram kit. I had the kit in my stash for awhile before deciding [...]

A Review of 2022

This year seems it was a blur. With uncertainty with the pandemic here not here, masks no masks, economy was in disarray, gas sky high especially here in California. The year was cruising along but in April I received a note from the new [...]

1/48th N/AW & A-10A Thunderbolt II

Models of originally single seat fighters/bombers converted to tandem seats may have more appeal. The A-10 follows the path. Hobbyboss' N/AW A-10A is a good model. The optional extended flaps and air brakes add much to the dynamics of the [...]

1/48 USAF Thunderchief

This is my recently completed Revell -Monogram 1/48 F-105F. The last one for 2022. Although it’s a kit from long ago , it still builds up nicely and looks good collecting dust on the shelf . For such a large model it doesn’t have a [...]

Year in review, let's see yours too!

I always enjoy year in review posts. I have a figure I may get in before the 31st, but if I do I will add it later Here is my year. Revell box scale X-3, Monogram "white box" 1/48 FW-190, Monogram Sand Crab, one and only issue, [...]

58 year old Hurricane

Those who have seen my posts here know I have a love of vintage Monogram kits, all vintage kits really, but especially Monogram. I always try and get as close to the original release date of a kit as I can find, and afford since the molds [...]

Revell/Monogram 1/48 P-38 J "Stinger"

Kit: Revell/Monogram's 1/48 p-38J Decals: Superscale Lighting Aces #48-1179 Paint: Vallejo Weathering: artist oils, weathering powder, chipping fluid, silver pencil Happy Thanksgiving fellow modelers! After a fun time building one of [...]