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Enter An Alternate Reality With These Fantasy Racing Airplanes

January 10, 2014 · in Aviation · · 8 · 2.7K

We'd all know that old aircraft are awesome. They're full of interesting shapes, texture, detail. Moreover, nothing looks better than an old fighter in a colorful paint scheme!

UK-based digital avaiation artist Bill Clavework took this idea to a whole new level creating a series of graphics showing how classic fighter aircraft that we all know would look in retro motorsport liveries.

Liveries from Gulf and Rothmans to BAR Honda and Benetton are represented on classic planes like the Hawker , the or the Messerschmitt . Like if the Formula 1 was created for the aircraft category.

It's an awesome idea, a glimpse of alternate reality where like in the world of cars, the best of the best in aviation was created for racing. And, may I say, it spins the imagination!

Check out the full collection on Bill's DeviantArt site.

[Image by WS-Clave on deviantART]

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  1. Loving this idea. Could it be the basis for an 'modeler contest'? A lot of the team decals might be available in car kits or aftermarket.
    Just a thought.

  2. Really surprised these pics didn't get more comments ,I think all of these colour schemes are fantastic,I've got an unpainted twin prop seafire waiting for paint hmmmm this space.

  3. Martin,
    These are great. It does make one want to explore doing one of these in a model. Great ideas and very interesting how the racing image looks on some familiar planes you would never associate with racing. Similar to Bob's Ferrari 105.

  4. great theme...i think the red bull p-38 is the prettiest lightning that bearcat also

  5. Awesome article! Have you seen Robert's Ferrari air racer? The possibilities are endless with this though. What about tank racing!

  6. Looks as if we [could] have a whole new "Group" forum here.

  7. Wow, these are pretty spectacular. I'm sure some of them could be done as models, using decals from car kits. That's basically what I did with the Ferrari air racer using the Monogram F-105, and decals from a Tamiya Ferrari F1 kit. These sure should give everyone some ideas. Being owner of a Norton Commando motorcycle, I especially like the black John Player Spitfire and Javelin and also the Rothman's Lightning. But they all look great. Well done!

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