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Hawker Typhoon

Invasion Stripes: Commemorating D-Day with 'Flight 19'

With the 80th Anniversary of the Normandy landings and the campaign that followed upon us, a small group of iModelers who now stay in regular contact outside of the site set up a group build to depict ‘Invasion Stripes’. This pays [...]

Invasion Stripes / Flight 19 "FJB" 164 Squadron RAF Hawker Typhoon Mk-1b, Revell 1/32 car door converted to a bubble top.

"The Argentine Squadron" This is a kit that I have had in "Ye Olde Stash" for years now. I picked it up shortly after I got back into the hobby again, sometime around the mid 1990's. These markings are something that [...]

Hawker Typhoon 1B, DN323 Y, 451 Sqn RAAF, Edku Egypt, 1943.

1/72 Brengun, built 06-2022 to 09-2023 for the Desert air war GB, more pic's and details there.

An Inauspicious InauguralFrog Typhoon IB

I built this kit many years ago when I resumed building after my growing hiatus. It is the Frog kit number 231. While I have not measure the length and wingspan for accuracy the overall shape seems good. The spinner seems a little bulbous [...]

Megalodon and Shark

A new job and a new experience. Fantasy style work. Megalodon and the world's largest atomic submarine Project 941 “Shark” or “Typhoon” in epoxy resin.

Shark with shark

Work in fantasy style. Above-water part of the world's largest Soviet submarine Project 941 "Typhoon". Underwater, as an extension, a great white shark. Product size: Length 340 mm, width 90 mm height 100 mm

Video: NATIONALFEIERTAG 2023 🇦🇹 🇦🇹 🇦🇹 #eurofightertyphoon #Leopard tank

Airfix Hawker Typhoon Mk. IB 1/72

Taken of the shelf of doom after a long break. All of a sudden things started to roll and i finished it within a few days. The scheme is from No. 245 squadron in 1945. Painted with Ammo Mig and AK Interactive acrylics, Ammo Mig panel line [...]

A Small Vignette

Being pleased with the way my Monogram Hawker Typhoon turned out and being even more pleased with all the compliments it received, I decided my "Tiffie" deserved to be put in a vignette. Nothing elaborate, just something simple [...]

"This one is SMALL and this one is FAR AWAY!" (Father Ted)

Decided to make a Mini Me of Airfixes Typhoon. Hunted down a second hand Hasegawa 1/48 and painted and decalled it the same as Airfix. Not a bad kit. Bought a couple of Eduard accesories. Biggest noticable difference, apart from the [...]