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Hawker Typhoon

Airfix Hawker Typhoon Mk. IB 1/72

Taken of the shelf of doom after a long break. All of a sudden things started to roll and i finished it within a few days. The scheme is from No. 245 squadron in 1945. Painted with Ammo Mig and AK Interactive acrylics, Ammo Mig panel line [...]

A Small Vignette

Being pleased with the way my Monogram Hawker Typhoon turned out and being even more pleased with all the compliments it received, I decided my "Tiffie" deserved to be put in a vignette. Nothing elaborate, just something simple [...]

"This one is SMALL and this one is FAR AWAY!" (Father Ted)

Decided to make a Mini Me of Airfixes Typhoon. Hunted down a second hand Hasegawa 1/48 and painted and decalled it the same as Airfix. Not a bad kit. Bought a couple of Eduard accesories. Biggest noticable difference, apart from the [...]

Hawker 100th: Hasegawa Typhoon lB Bubbletop (late) 1/48

Hawker Aircraft is now a century old, so for this GB celebration build I chose Hasegawa’s venerable Typhoon Mk Ib Bubbletop kit that’s been sitting on my Shelf of Doom since the late 90’s when it was issued and I just had to have [...]

Monogram Hawker Typhoon.

After many trips from the workbench to the shelf and from the shelf to the workbench, I am calling this little side project finished. The classic Monogram Hawker Typhoon. Total re-scribe of the kit including certain access panels that [...]

Airfix 1/72nd EF2000 Typhoon FGR 2

Video build for the EF200 Typhoon Part 1 - (link) Part 2 - (link)

Hawker Typhoon FR Mk.1B

I like to find things that are just a little different to build, which led me to this Typhoon tactical reconnaissance aircraft. These builds often send me down a rabbit hole chasing information on obscure aircraft, and so it was with this [...]

AIRFIX 1/72 Hawker Typhoon mk.Ib

Airfix kit, build oob including decals. Modelmaster enamels, weathering ammo oil brushes.

Weather warning: Typhoon over Normandy! Hawker Typhoon Ib, No. 198 Squadron

Hurricane, Tempest, Tornado, Whirlwind, Thunderbolt - and Typhoon: energetic weather phenomena as namesakes are very popular with aircraft manufacturers. Hawker Aircraft in particular seems to have subscribed to these names. Many of these [...]

"Know your enemy": Hawker Typhoon T9+GK / 2. Staffel Versuchsverband Ob.d.L

"If you know yourself and your enemy, you need not fear the outcome of 100 battles". Well, what model building article can you begin, as here, with the quote of an ancient Chinese philosopher? In the case of this Hawker Typhoon [...]