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FJ-3M Fury of VF-124

January 25, 2014 · in Aviation · · 18 · 3K

This is the kit dated 1983, of the FJ-2/3 . Up to the point of the release of the Collect-Aire Models, kit in 1997 this was the only game in town for a Fury in 1/48. Still today I know of no other kit in 1/48 of this airplane and now the Collect Aire kit and this kit are discontinued. I have always wanted to do the FJ-3 but was never enthralled by either kit. I was asked to build this for a gentleman that wants this model and he is aware of the discrepancies of it but he did not care. So I did it out of the box with the exceptions of the Microscale decal sheet 48-116 and the pilot (formally a member of the "lollipop guild")

The kit really tries, and for all things considered it goes together well and to a point looks like a Fury. I have always liked this airplane and VF-51 (commanded by Alexander Vraciu) was aboard BHR when I was also aboard. I can only wish that some manufacturer will eventually do one in either 1/48 or 1/32. Perhaps Paul Fisher will do one and that would be perfect. I won't hold my breath for a new kit. I have another ESCI kit and the Collect-Aire kit and may just try to combine them both to get a Fury closer to the truth.

Overall it is not a bad kit and the gentleman was happy with it.

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  1. Nice build Frank. What Grey did you use for the upper surfaces?
    Looks good.
    Well done..

  2. Well done on the Esci Fury, I think the issue with it is that it is closer to being a Sabre in the airframe than what the Fury truly is. It is a missing link in the line of Naval Aviation in this scale along with the Banshee and a Cougar. First time seeing these markings on a Fury. For some reason I thought Hobby Boss or Kinetic did one in 48th scale? Got the Demon, but that is for another thread. Thanks for sharing you Fury.

  3. Looks pretty good to me Frank. Very clean build.

  4. Frank, nice job on a pretty airplane. No matter who was flying it, and what version, the Sabre/Fury is always a beauty. It can be frustrating when a favorite subject just doesn't have a kit to do it justice, but I think in this case your skills turned out a winner. I'm not sure what the "lollipop guild" is, but the pilot does add something to the overall appearance. Well done!

  5. very unusual and attractive model...fine build and lovely markings

  6. Don't hold your breath for Paul Fisher to do one. His Skyray and his Cutlass are shelf-sitters.

  7. This kit gets label under the Golden Oldies and you appreciate it for what it is. If the client is happy then your happy. The workman ship looks good. We modelers seem to wine about a lot of the new kits and niggle things to death when you look at this ESCI kit that was the playing field ...and still is the playing field and you play with the cards you can get.
    It is what it is...

  8. Nice clean build and a flawless paint application. Sweet!

  9. looks nice to me,what's the Lollipop guild ?

    • Neil,
      Thank you for the nice comment.
      From the old and still classic movie,, "The Wizard of OZ", the three little tough guys that represent the Lollipop Guild greet Dorothy with a song and a dance while she is in Munchkinland. All of the Munchkins are "little people" thus, my pilot being so small, he must be a Munchkin. I think I am showing my age.

  10. Nice job, Frank. Very colorful, which is something we sadly lack today. The 1/72 pilot was a nice

  11. Frank that's a nice looking Fury. I have an ESCI/Collect-Aire/spares box kit smash underway. I'm currently hung up on getting the instrument panel I cobbled up mounted in the cockpit. I have a spare ESCI kit I going to build as an FJ-2 or as the XFJ-2 which I'm told the kit most closely represents. Anyway, I'm sure the gentleman you built it for must be really pleased as you've produced a beautiful model.

  12. Really nice, Frank.

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