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Revell, 1:32, Hawker Hurricane

January 29, 2014 · in Aviation · · 11 · 3.8K

Finished this one last week.
It's the re-re-re-box of the re-re-re-re-release of the old , which was first released in '67. ( I have build one too in my younger years, late ‘80's….)
Considering it's age it was a nice kit. Fit was good, loads of rivets though.
I wanted to build a “Phoney-war” / Battle of France Hurricane so I bought a resin “early” propellor and resin wheels, because the kit's wheels were c**p. Aftermarket decals for the roundels on the side and bottomside of the wings.
Scratchbuild a gunsight and the wheelbay.
Everything is sprayed or painted with Revell enamels , colours used according to the instructions. Mud on wheels, exhaust stains are Revell enamels. Gun-sooth is done with Tamiya weathering pastels.

Best regards;

Ulrich Schütt

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  1. Excellent. I am currently on the starting phases of this one. Although I have the PCM Hurricane, the Revell is a real diamond in the rough. Also a lot cheaper than PCC's. Got mine on evilbay with a bunch of aftermarket for half of what the PCM kit goes for. Yeah, the wheels suck, as does the spinner and exhausts. I got the spinner and exhausts covered by some leftover Hasegawa Spitfire projects, just have to locate some decent four spoked wheels.

  2. Nice job on this Ulrich,probably gonna spoil Seamus's day but I prefer the Hurricane to the Spitfire , something about the solid ,chunky lines. Definately not enough Hurricanes on this site.
    Cheers N.

  3. No worries. Hurricanes and Spitfires go together like stout and whiskey.

  4. Nice clean build, very interesting paint scheme on the wing's underside...

  5. Very nice. I have one of these in the stash. Purchased a couple of years ago issued as part of the Revell Classics range Hurricane Mk1. The moulds however are for the "revised" Mk2C kit which has cannon bulges in the wings that need to be removed before proceeding!

    • Revell really screwed things up when they revised the moulds to make a Mk.2c. First, to make a correct Mk.2c requires far more work than what Revell did to their mould. Second, the original eight gun configuration can no longer be made. If you have the original eight gun configuration kit, hold on to it, it is pretty rare. I, fortunately have two.

      • Yep, you're right Seamus, I bought this kit - marketed as the classic Mk 1 with the original box art - and was dissappointed to find the moulds for the mark 2C in the box 🙁 . I'll still build it eventually tho'!

  6. Ulrich,
    Very nicely done. Excellent work on this very old model.

  7. Well done, sir...nice finishing work.

  8. It certainly looks like a Hurricane, Ulrich, and I'm with Neil on this, the Hurricane has more of the 'fighter' look about it.

  9. Ulrich, like you, I am a big fan of early Monogram and Revell kits, as I think they are great value for the money. Not only that, they are often quite good kits. With a little bit of tlc it's possible to produce a gem, which is what you have done here. Fantastic job, and thanks for posting!

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