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USS Harder from Revell 1/180 kit of USS Lionfish…

January 30, 2014 · in Ships · · 11 · 3.7K

The USS Harder SS-257 was a Gato Class Fleet Submarine. She was built by the Electric Boat Company at Groton, Connecticut, and launched on 19 August, 1942. One of the most famous submarines of WW2, her skipper was Cmdr Samuel D. Dealey, “a submariner's submariner”. She was a most successful boat, but met her end off Dasol Bay, Phillipines. Under depth charge attack by Imperial Japanese Navy units, she was lost with all hands on 24 August, 1944.

This model is sort of a “prequel” to my USS Bowfin SS-287 recently posted. The Harder model was built some time before the Bowfin, and thanks to David Hansen's comment on the Bowfin I was reminded of it (I believe he saw it on the "Scale Models" page of my website at I found a couple of photos and am posting them. They are “pre digital”, and are from scans of prints from film, so are not the best quality. I like them, though, because the model is off its stand, and looks more natural. Anyway, I will probably take some better shots eventually.

Harder was a Gato class boat, and didn't have as much of a cut down superstructure as the Bowfin. So it was a little easier to make mods to the kit parts. Also the Electric Boat submarines didn't have as many limber holes as the Portsmouth boats (sigh of relief!). The propellor shafts enter the hull at too much of an angle on the kit, and this is something I corrected on the Bowfin. I did more weathering on the Harder than on the Bowfin, so she has a bit more “character”.

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  1. Stellar workmanship on the detail and weathering effects, sir...great job.

  2. your really getting me psyched to build another of these...i love those stories about "mush Morton" and dick okane

    • Bob, glad to hear my little Revell Lionfish subs are getting the creative urge moving! Dick O'Kane's "Wahoo" and "Clear The Bridge" were the classic books that really got me hooked so many years ago. Both Morton and O'Kane were exceptional sub commanders. From then on, the US Fleet Submarine has been one of my favorites.

  3. Bob,
    This is beautiful. I love submarines and you make them come to life. I have the upmost respect for all submariners regardless of country. I could never do what they do and have done. My experience inside of a submarine was about 15 feet and then it was "Otta here".

  4. All these years I've thought of that kit as a bathtub toy and BB gun target, then you go and ruin my childhood memories with a build like this...;-)

    Beautiful construction and finish Robert, you've done the Silent Service proud.

  5. Classy rust, very similar!

  6. And you got the "pink(ish)" scheme for the famous fifth war patrol.

    Very nice work here.

  7. Incredible weathering-just right!

  8. Robert, you really done this model proud. Submarines must one of the most difficult models to display and photograph, and you've done a really convincing job with this, especially the weathering.

  9. Awesome mate, the weathering is stunning.

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