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„Tentando Superabimus”

May 12, 2022 · in Aviation · · 23 · 1.3K

„Tentando Superabimus”
Which means in translation „Trying to overcome”. This was the motto of the 138th Special Purpose Squadron. Each of us has moments in life when we are trying to overcome something ... which means in translation Trying to overcome. Each of us has moments in life when we try to overcome something ... For the sake of higher goals. No matter what happens next. And that's what this story will be about.
I think I had been going to build a Halifax since elementary school when I saw a Matchbox Halifax in a small model shop in my city. Of course, back then I couldn't afford to buy such an expensive model. Almost thirty years have passed and I finally decided to build this plane. But this is not what this story is supposed to be about ... On a cold night of December 28-29 1941, two paratroopers Jozef Gabčik and Jan Kubiš parachute out of the Halifax L9613. It is this plane that is the hero of this article. Czech commandos have a secret task - the liquidation of the Nazi criminal Reinhard Heydrich. The Polish navigator of Halifax, unfortunately, confused Pilzno with Prague and the jumpers land in the wrong place, what is worse, the container with the armament and equipment is lost during the drop. There are many theories about the cause of the attack on Hitler's head of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. One claims that due to the strong struggle with the Czech underground forces and after numerous arrests, there was a threat of exposing Wilhelm Canaris as an agent who cooperated with the British. Another theory is that the Czech Government-in-Exile wanted to show, after the betrayal of the Western Countrys in 1938, where the Czech Republic was devoured by Hitler's Germany, that the Czechs want and are able to fight and should be treated as partners - allies. It was clear that a successful coup would trigger a wave of repression by the civilian population. In the end, the decisions were made despite the lack of full agreement between the Czech government in exile and the command of the Czech Underground Army ... Jozef and Jan attack on May 27, 1942 after Heydrich's long observation. Due to the loss of their weapons during the airdrop, they were equipped by the local resistance cell. The weapon, however, fails - Sten jams just as Gabčik wants to shoot at Hitler's Notable. Seeing the failure, Kubiš accurately throws the grenade he had hidden in his flask, which severely injures Heydrich. Nevertheless, he chases Czech paratroopers, which most likely then kills him. He has a punctured spleen with a large 8 x 8 cm fragment of granade, damaged lung, diaphragm and pancreas. However, the Jozef and Jan escape, injuring Heidrich's adjutant with a handgun in the process. They hide, thinking that the attack failed ... However, after a short-term improvement in health, Heydrich dies of blood contamination on June 3 ... Jozef Gabčik and Jan Kubiš are taken over by the "Out Distance" paratroopers. However, there is a betrayal - Karel Čurda, one of the paratroopers, sends an anonymous letter to the Gestapo and indicates the attackers, and then reports himself to the Gestapo. Today, in the light of historical materials, treason was a fate for the Germans. They had nothing in their hands and the evacuation of the bombers would probably be successful. Jozef Gabčik and Jan Kubiš together with the paratroopers of the "Out Distance" group are hiding in the Orthodox Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius. On June 16, the SS and Police forces surround the church and after many hours of heroic defense, all Czech commandos die as a soldier, inflicting heavy losses on the wounded and the dead to the German forces. To this day, the church is a place of veneration of these heroes. As part of retaliation, the Germans committed numerous crimes against the civilian population.
A few words about the model. releases a completely new Halifax MK I/II model in 2011. Unfortunately, its production has not been resumed for many years and modelers are doomed to look for a model on the secondary market, often at quite exorbitant prices. The model has a number of interesting solutions, it has a well-equipped cockpit, which does not require any aftermarket accessories. the most fun is with the nose in the MK-I version with a glass "chin" for the observer / bombardier. The three-piece nose of the plane requires a lot of care and some putty and sanding on the top. Another element that requires attention is the fairing for the pilot's and navigator's cabin. Unfortunately, it did not fit as I wanted and the gaps had to be filled. Here is my attention. When assembling the nose of the aircraft, you also need to mount the forward gun turret. After inserting the nose into the fuselage, it is difficult. My kit unfortunetly had a damaged part of the main gear, which resulted in ordering the main gear set made of white metal, but in the end, after analysis, I used a hybrid made of original parts and metal parts. The big problem for me was the manual, which was not clear in many places, in particular as to what to mount to which version of the aircraft. You can boast about the remaining glazing of the aircraft, in the fuselage and in the gun turrets, which fit very well. In the course of construction, it turned out that the propellers are of a slightly wrong shape. Who wants to improve it, should use the AML resin kit (unfortunately quite expensive). I used the AML decal set for the L9613, which dropped parachutes on the December night of 1941 for operations "Antropoid" as well as "Silver A" and "Silver B". But decals wasn't good enaught. For painting, I used good Mr Color paints: Dark Green, Dark Earth and Nigth Black (Semi - Gloss black). I used good Mr Color paints: Dark Green, Dark Earth and Nigth Black (Semi - Gloss black). the painted surface was covered with X-22 varnish. In addition, as standard, I used the Oil Wash by Modelers World and the AmmoMig radio link. Due to the fact that I did not like the air inlets to the engine and exhaust pipes, I bought the appropriate aftermarket kits, but, let me emphasize here, it was my whim. I might add that the AML decal set was extremely difficult, the decals shattered in the water. I was disappointed as I had already used the AML decal kits successfully and the quality was correct. With this construction, I really wanted a professional finish, which is why I ordered a display case, made a grass airport plate in it and added a few mechanics figures from the CMK set. I can recommend this set of figures, it is very nicely done and it was painted very nicely.
I hope you like the model. I would like to add that the pilot of this machine on the day of Operation Antropoid was Flight Lieutenant Ron Hockey, who is in the photo of this machine in the pilot's cabin. In addition, the Polish crew of the NF@V Halifax take parts in "Legging" operation, consisting of:
F / O R. Zygmuntowicz
F / O K. Dobromirski
F / O A. Voellnagel
Sgt B. Karbowski
Sgt L. Wilmanski
Sgt Cz. Smart
Sgt M. Wojciechowski
Sgt W. Żuk
But that's a topic for another article ...
I Sednd You link with very good War flm under title “Operation Anthropoid”. Enjoy!

PS. Clouds are still over my house, but I decided not to wait long with the photos, because today there is no wind, which allows you to take photos safely and outdoors.

edit; I forgot to take photo my showcase with glass cover. So one photo more add -)

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  1. Saw a movie about those heroic events just recently (can’t remember the name unfortunately), so it’s quite interesting seeing the plane that flew those resistance troopers.
    A stunning model even more Lis, well done. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I new the result would be excellent, my friend @lis, by having followed your excellent build thread. Yes! The result is amazing! The photos too!
    What is even more amazing is the story this particular plane carries with.

  3. Turned out great, Lis. Not often we see a Halifax kit built.

  4. Very nice Halifax and history.

  5. Impressive build and write-up Lis, great looking diorama also and a great looking case.
    That newer Revell kit looks very nice, fantastic job all around.

  6. You have outdone yourself with this build, Lis @lis
    An amazing Halifax, everything about it looks perfect.
    Looking at the pictures, the weather seemed to be perfect for the shoot.
    The history behind this aircraft is a nice to read article as well.
    It was my pleasure to follow your thread and it is an even bigger pleasure to see the end resul

    • @johnb Thank you for your kind words! Your cheering and comments on the Halifax thread motivate me a lot. I'm glad that we can build together on the Bomber Command group.

  7. Great job on this Lis.

  8. A great Halifax!

  9. Yes, you have outdone yourself with this Halifax. All your articles and build thread were well done as well.

    Good use of those paint bottle caps by the way.

    What are you planning next?

  10. @eb801 I'm glad that You like my work and article! I hope my next project will be Consolidated B-24 Liberator in unusal painting scheme.

  11. Really nice work on this and a great result, Lis. Also a great choice of airplane for the story.

    For those who may not be aware, Heydrich was the author of The Holocaust, the guy who organized and led the Wannsee Conference where the The Final Solution was created. After the successful assassination, the Nazis destroyed the village of Lidice (Lee-di-chay) where the assassins had been hidden while they prepared for the attack, killing everyone who lived there. There's an excellent movie about the Wannsee Conference (that's the title) that is well worth picking up.

  12. @tcinla I'm glad that you like my model also Thank You for your informations about Lidice!

  13. Beautiful work, Lis. I didn't realize Revell had done a new version of this neglected bomber. I've had the old Matchbox kit for several decades but never did more than take it out of the box, read through the instructions, and regretfully put the multi-colored parts back.

    Old passions run deep. My wife and I visited Prague several years ago and took a tour of the city. After going through several churches that were resplendent with their gold and jewel accessories, I asked our guide what measures were taken during the war to protect these treasures. She replied quite unexpectedly, "Heydrich saved us from all that, until the terrorists trained in England came and murdered him!" Prague was a lovely city, none the less, just mind the uneven cobblestones while strolling about.

    • @brummbaer
      Thank You for Your comment! This was Great problem that so mamy peoples collaborate with nasist. Also it was very sad that many airmans that back to Poland and Czechoslowak after IIww was send by communist to prison as British spies.
      PS. You are welcome in Bomber Command with Your Matchbox kit to build it 🙂

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