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Airfix 1/72 Harvard II

February 23, 2014 · in Aviation · · 12 · 2.7K

This is the old Harvard II (T-6 Texan) kit of years gone by. It's a simple, nice fitting kit which I did OOB, without a lot of hassle. As old as it was, I was still able to use the kit decals. The story of "why" is probably more interesting than the build.

As I mentioned in previous posts, our IPMS Ocala club has many projects during the year. We called this one our "Airfix build", although many of the models involved were different brands. This is how it goes. Fellow club member/imodeler/VP, and friend, Mike Knowles' father, Wayne is one of the most interesting fellows you'd care to meet. Wayne has been a guest speaker at several of our meetings, He's getting up there in years, and not building his models anymore. He had a sizeable stash which he donated to our club. We decided we would have an "Airfix build" contest, in May (the month Wayne will be our speaker once again) and let Wayne judge the contest. What Wayne doesn't know is that we asked the builders to consider returning the built models to their original owner, him. We thought it would be a nice surprise, and a way to say thanks, to Wayne.

I kept that in mind when I built this kit. I thought, like the rest of us, Wayne bought this kit judged on box art. I tried to keep this as close to the box art as possible, and that included using the original decals, as bad (old) as they look. The result is what you see here and what I'll present to Wayne in May.

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  1. I'm sure he will be thrilled Joe. Nice gesture.

  2. Joe,
    Perfect build and perfect story. These are the kind of moments which makes this hobby really mean something. Love it.

  3. Thanks guys. If all goes as planned, it should be quite an evening. Every once in a while the opportunity to "give back" presents itself. It's a good feeling to be able to. Mr. Knowles is much deserving.

  4. that's a great idea...i built one of those in 1989

  5. That is a very cool gesture, and a nice model, too!

  6. Joe, that is a neat model, and an unusual and very nice story. I bet he will be thrilled. Hope you will let us know how the evening goes.

  7. Turned out well Joe and that is a very nice idea of your club to do that for him.

  8. Good one. Another Airfix classic. The trouble with old decals in Airfix kits is the protective paper over them tends to bind to the decal surface through time, and when you come to use them you end up with a film or residue left over once its applied to the model. Sometimes, if you are careful, its possible to remove the "fur" with decal softner..sometimes!

  9. Nice one Joe, a lovely touch and show of thanks to Wayne.
    Some of the old kits still bring that feeling of joy and elation just as much as the newer kits do.

  10. I love it, Joe, you've done a great job with an old kit (I just love the way the word 'new' is emblazoned on the box!). I hope you will present the box as well.

  11. Nice story and nice build, I'm sure he'll be surprised with your work.

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