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Eduard Eindecker

March 17, 2014 · in Aviation · · 19 · 1.5K

Hi All, Here is my little survivor its been to nearly all last seasons Model Shows and its had various bits glued back on at some point including the tail section a good few times one wing and the undercarriage hence the slightly wonky stance,

This was my first venture into WW1 aircraft in the others i have done previously have been and i dont think i Finished any of them so this little thing was quite a mile stone for me even though its smaller and quite a lot simpler to build than the the usual Biplanes, it's difficulty was in its delicacy.

Painted to look like a well worn machine flow by Ernst Udet in 1916 its got a few patch repairs here and there, the funny swirls on the cowling were quite time consuming but worth it if you google the Eindecker images you can clearly see the swirls im not sure what they are if its something to do with the manufacturing process or if the pattern is purely decoration im hoping one of you guys may know the answer to that one .

The rigging is by Easy line and its great stuff very very stretchy and its great to use with Super-Glue its got great grab characteristics place a tiny blob of superglue on the end of the Easy line touch it where you want it and its done its instant full strength very tough stuff

and as usual it could have done with a bit of a dust off before i snapped the photos.

anyway guys i hope you like it,

Not many more now to present and then you wont hear from me for a while until iv finished my ongoing projects.

Cheers Yawl


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  1. Looks nice Mark, great prop and the subtle weathering.
    Well done mate.

  2. Great work, especially for this scale!

  3. Now I like to build small but I'm not brave enough to do one of these with rigging.
    Very nice Mark.

    • Thanks AL, You know Al you dont have to fit the rigging i very nearly didn't bother with this one i only persevered with it because i was very happy with the way it came out after the paint job so i took the plunge, i must admit the rigging on this one is quite simple compared to a true bi-plane but it wasn't to stressful, believe it or not its only 2 or 3 threads of Easyline doing the whole thing just a case of threading it through small holes drilled in the wings n fuselage the tricky part was working out the best sequence to thread it around.

      Cheers Al


  4. Not my cup 'o tea, but a nice build nonetheless. I wouldn't attempt this kit regardless of the scale, but yours is outstanding.

    • Hi Craig, I would have said the same as you just before i was given this kit by my brother, he tried his hand at the hobby but alas it wasn't his cup of Tea either so he gave me this and one of the Eduard Skeleton kits i built this one because it looked easy and it was if a bit fiddly but i enjoyed the build and you know what they say Craig Variety is the spice of Life so go on try something out of your comfort zone you never know mate you might enjoy it !

      Cheers and Thanks for the compliment


  5. Mark,
    This is outstanding. I am really impressed with what you do in in "Gentleman Scale". You must have the eyesight of a hawk.

    • Hi Frank, I certainly dont have the eyes of a Hawk but what i do have are some great Bi-Focal glasses i had made at my opticians the top part of the lens is the same as my prescription reading glasses and the bottom part is set to about six times magnification
      works pretty well for me and not to expensive approx. $60 so not to bad and much better than keep swopping glasses every couple of mins
      Thanks for kind comment Frank

  6. Brilliant! I've got bags of respect for WW1 models due to their size and rigging. Great job on this Mark.

  7. You've certainly been a busy man, Mark, it's amazing how this little thing has withstood a season of going round the shows.

    • Like i Mentioned George its had a few repairs along the way but thats it now for this little guy he is going into retirement, i recently picked up the Wingnut Wings version as i thought i would be in
      WW1 mode as its the 100th year anniversary but not felt the urge to get on with it yet,
      cheers George

  8. Very nice work, Mark. Looks the part well!

  9. Beautiful work. Especially liked the painting of the hood.

    Best regards, Vlad.

    • Thanks Vlad, maybe one day i may get the courage to try something with another wing on top and hopefully it might look as nice as your little masterpieces

  10. said on March 19, 2014

    beautifully done as all ways

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