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Gotha P.60 C-1

March 16, 2014 · in Aviation · · 11 · 4K

This one is a late-war German "paper-plane" (Luft'46), initially a two-seat night fighter equipped with a FuG 240 radar and 4 autocannons. No known mockups or prototypes were ever built. So, this model should be a fantasy anyway.

A short run kit by AZmodel, "What if" series. I have an options for USAF, IJA or Soviet variants. I've chosen a Soviet variant, but with another painting scheme - I picked a late WWII soviet aircraft camouflage (as was used on Yak-3, La-5/7). Also I've tried to represent a plane been in a heavy use - with chipped paint, oil stains and weather effects.

Kit itself has a few parts, but requires a decent amount of work, because fit is not so good. I've added a navigation lights too.

Any suggestions and criticism are welcome.

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  1. Funky! Really great off the wall subject well done. Nice one.

  2. That's a beautiful ugly-looking what-if. Like it a lot.

  3. Different Dmitry, I like it .
    Well done sir.

  4. Could this be the progenitor of the Vought Cutlass?

  5. That's really interesting. Looks to be as under-powered as the Gutless Cutlass as well. Nice work.

  6. Never seen one of those before...nice job.

  7. I Love these Luft 46 kits i have a couple in the stash seeing this makes me want to go and dig em out and do something a little different.
    Nice build Dmitry

  8. Nice clean build. Looks a little like something from "Star Wars" really a neat job on an unusual aircraft.

  9. Dmitry,
    Crazy , but very skillfully done. Great job.

  10. Dmitry, this beauty of yours sneaked past me! The blunt nose reminds me of the early Gloster Javelin prototypes that tried that. Very creative build, "What if, indeed". Thanks!

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