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HMS was the most decorated ship in the history of the Royal navy. Fighting all the way from Jutland in WWI throughout WWII, she was in more violent engagements than any other battleship of the modern era.

Launched as a member of the Queen Elizabeth class of fast battleships, she quickly proved her worth. Her heavy armament of 8 15" guns was complemented by speed and armor. Her speed allowed her to choose her engagements and when to break away. Her armor permitted her to take punishment (which the battle cruisers could not.)

Her service in WWII, followed a lengthy refit wherein a huge new superstructure was added along with provision for three float planes and an athwart-ship catapult to launch them. Her anti aircraft protection was based around four huge octuple 2 lb gun mounts (of dubious value).

Warspite fought primarily in the Mediterranean theater against the Italians where she sank numerous vessels. She also escorted untold convoys from the Gibraltar stronghold to the Malta island bastion. While supporting the landings at Anzio, she was struck by a Fritz X guided bomb which knocked out one of her 15" turrets. She limped back to Malta for emergency repairs, but was never fully restored. Nonetheless, she was there with fire support at Normandy, before finishing the war in port.

She was too proud to finish her career as scrap. While being towed to the scrapyard in the late 1940s, she foundered and sank -- the way any hardened battle veteran would prefer!

This kit is a big step forward from their earlier Graf Spee release. Most of the finer pieces are well done, and the detail is more precise. For just half the price of the Trumpeter kit of the same vessel, she is a bargain. I added the wood deck and PE again by KA Models (which I highly recommend for quality and price.)

The camo of British vessels can be quite intricate, and Warspite was no exception. Careful planning and patience are required, but a great addition is your reward. When done, this bar room brawler is a real winner.

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  1. Another beauty, Mike. Up to your usual standards !

  2. Very nice work, always good to see a quality boat build among the "wingy things". By the way, I'm no great photographer, I shoot about 30 pics of a model on my digital camera and "cull" about six or seven of the best to be part of a post. Again, a nice build...

  3. Thanks for the reminder I need to get mine back into some sort of progress.
    Really nice work on that.

  4. Michael,

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