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Hobbyboss 1/48 F4U-4B VMF-214

March 29, 2014 · in Aviation · · 31 · 2.5K

Good morning: This is my first posting to this group. I have included a few photos of my recently completed Hobbyboss F4U-4B in 1/48 scale. I added Aires wheel wells and cockpit along with some True Details "un-flattened" resin wheels and tires. I also wired the engine with fine gauge copper wire. Paint is Model Master Glossy Sea Blue with an overcoat of MM Gloss Clear Lacquer after decals. The decals were from an old Cutting Edge sheet which is still available. It's a nice kit and would even look good without the resin add-ons. The Aires cockpit includes some photoetch parts and I used all of them. The gunsight and rear view mirrors add a lot to the interior. Many thanks to Jim Sullivan for his support.

Forgot to add that I used the True Details replacement cowl and prop. I made a jig to insure that the individual blades were correctly aligned.

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  1. Hello Clark...congratulations on making your first post here on imodeler and thanks for sharing the photos of your F4U-4B Corsair. You did a nice job building her and overcoming the built-in problems with that Hobby Boss kit. Like myself and many other modelers, I'm still waiting for a good 1/48th F4U-4 kit to be released. In the meantime, like you did, we'll just have to do the best we can with what's currently available.

  2. Welcome to the site! Good looking Corsair...

  3. Welcome aboard Clark….nicely done Corsair.

  4. Great Corsair there Clark, and as Jack said welcome aboard the good ship iModeler.

  5. Hey Clark...nice job on the Corsair. And you certainly had a well-versed mentor when it comes to the F-4U in any version.

  6. Hi Clark, Thats a really nice clean Corsair, Great Build mate
    and from one newby to another welcome to iModeler

  7. Nice work. Welcome.

  8. Clark, Nicely done Corsair. Welcome aboard and look forward seeing more of your work.

  9. Welcome aboard Clark and keep them coming.
    Your Corsair is great.

  10. Corsairs always seem to be popular, and this one deservedly so, very nice clean build, with the added details you've described. By the way, I saw your name 'Eugene', and thought 'that's a cool name', but then everyone seems to call you 'Clark'... I seem to remember an early Pink Floyd song called 'Careful with that axe, Eugene', and early Pink Floyd were really cool.

    • Hi George. Yes, I go by Clark but when I signed up the information requested was for full name. Pink Floyd, yep I remember them from my early days.

  11. Looking good! I like the dropped flaps and the cowling cracked open. I don't know if it's a reflection, but it looks like there's coral dust in the main wheels! (Goes along with the weathered tyres! Did you use gunship grey for them?) You should edit your post with a shot of the engine through the cowling, I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to see you handy work! (That's one of the reasons I like radial engines, you get to see some of the engine when you're done...Usually.)

    I don't know if it's the picture, or the paint, but the glossy sea blue looks really light on this bird. I have done a Tigercat and Bearcat in this color and they don't match each other! (The Bearcat was airbrushed with paint pulled from a spray can and it turned out very dark!) I've also noticed this in real life warbirds. I wonder if GSB is a hard color to match?

    Congratulations on your first post and welcome to the site!

    • Hello Josh and thanks for your comments. I used Polly S dirty grey for the tires then a wash of thinned umber. The light appearance is created by the camera flash. I always use Model Master GSB (enamel), well thinned and apply several coats.

      Yes, I will take a few shots of the cowl. I do have a relatively new camera that I am still learning how to use. Clark

      • I use MM as well. It's good stuff! I wonder if the difference in my two planes is because I thinned the bottle paint to spray on the Tigercat where the Bearcat was sprayed with paint airbrushed out of a spray can. Weird.
        Can't wait to see the engine on your bird!

  12. Very nice and I like the fact you used the "un-flattened" tires. Having worked on carrier planes for 26 years I can tell you that they were not very "flat" even when ashore.

  13. Hey Rob-agreed on the flat tire look you get with True Details stuff. There are some other options on the market for sure that look better. I had these on hand and with some sanding they turn out ok. I appreciate your comments. Clark

  14. Great build. That's a sharp looking Corsair.

  15. Very Nice Corsair Eugene. Welcome to iModeler.

  16. Nice clean build, welcome to a great site, your entries will get many views!

  17. Clark,
    Thanks for clearing how we should refer to you as. Clark it is. Sorta has that Superman touch. Speaking of which how better to come aboard iModeler than in a Corsair. Never met one I did not like and yours is truly gorgeous. Welcome aboard.

  18. Thank you very much Frank. I have just about finished the new Revell Stearman and should have some photos up by the end of the weekend. Clark

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