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Chance Vought F4U Corsair

Video: Step by Step Post-shade Weathering GuideF4U-1D Corsair Scale Model Aircraft

2nd back to hobby... Corsair

Hi! After a long time I'm returning to my favorite activity... I'm trying my hand at the new Magic factory box. I took two and I'm trying to make them with a combination of variously arranged wings, I hope you like it... I'll keep you [...]

1/72 Tammy F4U-1D

Needed a bit of quick gratification, and it's Tamiya to the rescue. No surprises, great fit, adequate detail, what's not to like? Finished in Tamiya Gloss Blue, the first coat was so shiny I had to semi gloss coat it so I could see the [...]

Magic Factory F4U-2 Corsair. 1/48

F4U-2, "White 212", Midnite Cocktail. On April 14, 1944 flown by Capt. Howard Bollman USMC shot down a Mitsubishi G4M near Kagman Field, Saipan. Wanted to try this Magic Factory kit and was very pleased. Excellent full kit [...]

Academy 1/72 F4U-1a New Zealand

I had decided to join the Jim Sullivan group build with a Corsair, and then saw a couple of other iModelers post builds of this aircraft assembled from the remains of two damaged aircraft that had worn different paint schemes. I found a [...]

Review: Halberd Models 1/48 P-51C racer "Beguine"

The “Beguine” Racer: William Paul (“Bill”) Odom, flew for the Chinese National Aviation Corporation (CNAC) from 1944 to 1945, flying “The Hump.” He was determined to make a name for himself in postwar aviation. He did so in [...]

F4U-5 Corsair U.S.NAVY

The Chance Vought Corsair was developed in 1938 to the specifications of the U.S. Navy, which wanted a fast single-seat fighter that could take off from an aircraft carrier and which had the most powerful engine on the market at the time [...]

Experiments in heavy weatheringa Birdcage Corsair in 1/48 Scale

I wanted to try out some rather heavier weathering than usual, and I also haven't done any US Navy aircraft from the Second World War before, so in the spirit of a bit of a challenge I figured I'd try to spruce up Tamiya's rather old [...]

Vought F4U-1A CorsairTamiya 1/48

Ciao ragazzi, this is my last model. I built this for my friend Nicola. The kit represent the airplane of Lt. Cdr. Roger R. Hedrick. Cockpit and part of the engine are from Aires. Soon a small diorama. See you soon Paolo

Tamiya 1/32 F4U-1 Corsair "Birdcage"

Tamiya's 1/32 is a top-notch design and surface detail kit. A significant part of why I consider this kit the best ever propeller aircraft model made relates to its size and historic background. With the petite surface details and larger [...]