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1957 Ford

April 15, 2014 · in Automotive · · 25 · 2.8K

I seem to be finishing automotive kits lately. This is my latest. It is a 1/25th scale 1957 done as a mild custom using the nostalgia approach.

All emblems & handles have been removed. It is lowered using blocks in the rear & modified spindles in front.

Headlights & taillights have been frenched.

The wheels & tires are from are from a different kit. The wide whitewalls are plastic inserts which have been overpainted with a product called "Gesso" to try to give them a more realistic appearance.

The engine is the Thunderbird 312 supplied with the kit but the induction system has been changed a three deuce set up. The intake manifold & carbs come from "Replicas & Miniatures of Maryland". The engine has been wired & fuel lines run to the carbs.

The gray seat & door panel inserts are decals that come with the kit.

Exterior paint is "Duplicolor" matte black shot from a rattle can.

Hope you enjoy it & thanks for looking.

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  1. It's gorgeous, Al, a really well thought out custom job, beautifully detailed and finished. I'm not sure what 'frenched' means though...

    • Thanks George. In the early days of customs lead was melted into the body panel seams to remove the bezel for the light. Lead was also used for major body modifications.
      This is where the term "Lead Sled"
      comes from.

  2. I love it Al, if there's one thing you guys in the U.S. can do it's hot rods, it's understated but still really COOL, nice one !

  3. The fifties was a great time to get your first car. I really liked the wide whitewalls on cars back then. My '49 Ford had frenched headlights and taillights plus many other custom touches popular back then. Your model brings back a lot of memories. Nice work.

  4. Really nice job, Al. I like the changes and details you have added to really make it stand out. Thanks for the explanation of what "frenched" means. I was going to ask the same question that George asked. I've learned something new today!

  5. Like it Al. Great job all round.

  6. Cracking build, Al. That engine compartment is a treat.

    • Thanks Rob. Sometimes I think I build models from different subject areas & then you post one of yours & I realize there are still many areas that I have not ventured into.

  7. Lovely build there Al, cruising comfort.

  8. Nicely built and finished...a great-lookin' "street rod".

  9. Al,
    I absolutely love this. This is my era. My first car was a bright red 49 Chev 2door fast back. When I got out of the service in 58 I sold the Chev and bought a 57 Ford Fairlane convertible. Your model brings back fond memories. Oh how I wish I had either one of them now. Excellent job.

  10. Thanks Frank. Don't we all wish we had our early cars back.

  11. Simple yet elegant, makes me long for a drive-in with car hops...wicked good!

    • Simple is what I was trying for. Thanks. Your showing your age when you talk about car hops. The small town where I grew up had a Root Beer stand complete with car hops. At least somebody in the town new the priorities.

  12. Great job, Al. Way before my time (lol) but I can really appreciate the work that went into it. In 1:1 scalr, that would have been one cool ride.

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