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AA 1/48 F-7E (Chinese fighter)

April 8, 2014 · in Aviation · · 19 · 2.3K

This was a crude kit, but little flash and not much putty work. The price was right (on sale), and I was fairly pleased with the build. The quality was that of a early 80's kit, that is to say, simple, with not much detail.

At first I was going to go for the "demonstration team" scheme, and had it almost all masked off. While the decals were good, they certainly were not plentiful. The stripe that ran down the fuselage was awkward looking, to say the least, and there was no decal for it. While checking on-line reference, I could find very little on this demo team scheme. I did find one in all white (or so it appeared), so off came the masking, and on with the "white" scheme.

I added a few of the "extra's", that were not on the demo aircraft. There were all sorts of "extras". Bombs, rocket pods, etc., all the same crude quality as the kit. One minor complaint was that the "cups" that the landing gear fit into was too shallow, making the struts flimsy and easily knocked off, using regular model cement.

All in all, it's a decent sized model, and looks like a with a "cranked" wing. There were no major headaches, and it looks fine next to it's two seat "brother",the AA FBC-1 (“Soaring Flying The Leopard”), from the same company.

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  1. Looks good Joe. One question: if AA stands for the kit brand I don't recognize it. Could you tell me who it is?

    • Al, The AA was almost the only "English" on the box. It was shown as is the Tamiya emblem on their box. Almost everything else was in Chinese? The instructions were "bi-lingual" to an extent.

  2. Nice job Joe and an interesting subject with the cranked wing but like Al said who is the kit produced by ?.

    • Neil, I finally was able to reply to Al (see above). AA is the only thing that looks like a manufactuer's logo. As I mentioned, there were two kits from this company (that I know of) We bought them from Squadron Shop a couple years back for $5 each. They're a good size, but very simplistic, basic decals, and an instruction sheet that passes.

    • Neil, i have some of these kits, and i know where to buy this actual kit i think the last time i looked it was about ten pounds, i bought a load of a Chinese guy in Stockport a couple of years ago his brother was sending them over and he was knocking em out on eBay, like Joe said they are a bit basic and crude but ok to through together if you felt the urge to just get something built quick and if you made a balls of it it wouldn't matter to much.
      What did you think of the photos?

  3. That cranked wing is an interesting touch. Interesting subject, Joe, you did a nice job on it!

  4. Nice Joe, AA was it, never heard of them. Done a good job though Joe.
    Well done sir.

  5. Joe,
    How about we say "AA" equals amazingly awesome. Great job.

  6. Cool looking plane, Joe. I'll see if I can find anything about the AA company here and let you know.

  7. Thanks. You guys are too much, lol !

  8. great job Joe where did you find the kit?

  9. Nice Job Joe, i like the white scheme,

  10. said on April 11, 2014

    Joe, I have a kit from this maker (same plane different box art) and was just getting ready to start it. The all Chinese information has me a little tentative. So how could you tell what colors the cockpit, dialectic panels, aircraft itself should be painted?

    BTW, she looks really nice. Kudos.

    • John, Mine was guess work at best. Typical grays, etc. in the interior (what there was of it) , I used rattle can white, and did the panel lines in a light gray wash. I painted the nose cone, and wheels also with a rattle can, the panels were done with forest green acrylic (brushed). Nothing fancy. Information is not easy to come by. Most other versions seem to be two tone grays, but I felt I already had plenty "gray" a/c, with more to come. Sorry I couldn't be more specific, but, do to fading interest, I didn't take much time with it.

      • said on April 11, 2014

        Joe, this all makes perfect sense. And you are right, the information is pretty hard to come by for sure. I am looking to do this as a pretty quick build too. Thanks again.

        • John, I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results. It's not a bad kit, just outdated. Enjoy, and don't worry about the rivet counters. There's not many that know anything about this one !

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